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Simply this: I appreciate this site IMMENSELY !!!... But we now seem to live in an "ABBREVIATED' age... Yet not everyone who reads this site knows what every abbreviation used in Questions means... I think most readers who do not know the used Abbreviation, will just not bother to read further or react to it.!
"Aging-Care" -personnel: Could you please have a permanent request printed on your site for "questioners" to have the courtesy to fully write out the word, the 1st time it is used, then put the Abbreviation in parenthesis next to the word. Thereafter the meaning of the abbreviation is known to the reader throughout the rest of the text. ...
This has become "courtesy protocol" in business correspondence and here it should be required, because your readers live in such a large country that terminology and names can be different in Alaska, compared to the same thing in Texas....... Your Attention to this matter would surely be appreciated by many readers, as your subject matter discussed here is becoming ever more important and the help you offer is needed by many elderly
I am now asking for an explanation for " APS " - it is not found in Google either.... Thank you for listening ! DHilBe.


APS - Adult Protective Services
And I understand your frustration. When I first signed on here it took me a while to figure a few of them out too! If you've got more list them here and I'll try to interpret as well as I can. If I can't I'm sure someone else will. Not sure if your appeal for an abbreviation courtesy protocol will work, but kudos for trying!
yaya51... thank you ...very much Thought I was the only one who had this problem,,, and I know I am not stupid.... I have seen the abbreviation protocol in action in other correspondence .. I hope it catches on here too .
Especially since I just had to look up what OPM means and found this site :
acronymfinder , which had 30 Abbreviations for OPM, and on the bottom stated " Note: We have 208 other definitions for APG in our Acronym Attic "........ there's another good reason to at least once write out the full name... which I overlooked in the case of the Question I read with APS in it, and then lost in my Taskbar-jungle... the full name was stated in the TITLE... when I found it again after writing my "mad" note.... hahaha...Have a good day .
Sorry - Goofed again, the note said : Note: We have 250 other definitions for APS in our Acronym Attic .

(What a pain in the a** my mother can be sometimes)

*snort* too cute
That's because you are from another planet. We are family here. If you want to fit in, you need to be respectful and kind. That's how we live on OUR planet. You get an eye roll. Do you understand that?
I had to get used to IL and AL (Independent Living and Assisted Living). Since I live in Illinois, every time I saw IL, I thought they were saying Illinois, LOL! :)
APS = Adult Protective Services
DHS = Department of Human Services
AL = Assisted Living
IL = Independent Living (or as blannie pointed out, Illinois, depending on context!)
NH = Nursing Home
VA = Veterans Administration (or Virginia, depending on context)
ALZ = Alzheimers
SD = Sundowners

BoniChak, you're about to put me on the floor here....(giggle). I can't get past that one either - we're from another planet. Here's another acronym for you - SMH. Means "Shaking My Head". I do that a lot when I read certain posts. One of these days, my head is gonna roll right off my shoulders, I swear.
DH - darling husband
DW -darling wife
SNF - Skilled Nursing Facility
MIL - Mother-in-law, FIL - Father-in-law, etc.

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