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I am finding that the Durable power of attorney that I hold for my dad is totally useless. I am trying to file dad's taxes by October 15th. I need one more 1099 and when I call the establishment, just to get the number off of it for taxes, I am told that they can not talk to me. I don't know what else to do. My dad has a speech impediment so if I put him on the phone, they are sometimes unable to understand him!

I also find that even if I am just trying to figure out if a bill is paid, no one will talk to me. What good is a power of attorney and what should I do?


Jeanine: I am also my mother's power of attorney. When you are speaking with these people, they are not allowed, by the privacy act, to take your word that you are POA. Ask them if they have a fax number where you can fax all the information they need and a copy of your power of attorney. You will have to take the time to be sure everyone concerned knows you are POA for your dad. You may want to visit the utility companies in person, ask them to make a copy of your POA and keep it on file. BE SURE YOU GET YOUR ORIGINAL BACK IF YOU USE IT FOR THIS. A LOT OF PLACES WILL ONLY ACCEPT THE ORIGINAL AND NOT A COPY AND THEY CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE. Also, go to your local court house and file the POA because there are some instances where a legal seal on the paper is essential. If your dad can speak and understand long enough, ask the IRS person if he can grant permission over the phone for you to speak with them. Don't forget to take your POA to banks, doctor's offices, etc and have them make a copy. Remember, make sure you get your original back. Maybe you'll want to print a small "o" for original on the back of each page. good luck. I've been where you are. Also, keep your dad's picture I.D. with you.
In a situation like this all you can do is just do the best you can. Make sure his money is protected since this is a case where they won't talk to you and he has a speech impediment. If they can't understand him and they won't talk to you, there's really nothing else you can do if they won't talk to you. I would just fill out the form the best way I can and just do what I can from my end and let them ask questions later
Question is 9 years old.
This is twice now, dredging up posts that are 9 years old. Not cool, DigitalBanker, and it wastes other people's time and clutters up the boards.
It may be nine years old but I learned a few things here. My DW has aphasia and I get all sorts of weird looks when she is ask a question and can't answer. Now I know what to do with the guardianship paperwork and where to have it copied.
File Form 2848 with the IRS, then you can deal with them directly with your POa.

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