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My mother has stage 5 alzheimers, I am getting so frustrated with her she tells lies, lossing money, everything I do she does, she has been with me for 6 years, she is still driving but in debate over when should take her car. Doesn't know one story to the next I am so frustrated I don't know what to do. She won't go with any other family member they make her nervous and insecure I want to go away for a long weekend but not sure if i should leave her alone please someone help me

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Hi Ivalee, Did you ever think of having a family member came and stay with her for a weekend? That way she will still be in her own enviroment. As for her driving , she needs to stop before she kills someone or herself. My state has Hospice where we can take our elder for a little while. I haven't tried it because mom is a Dr Jeckle/Mr. Hyde so I won't expose anyone to that. I hope I helped in a way. Barb

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