Low thyroid and congestive heart failure (enlarged heart).

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My mom missed an important medication (thyroid medication) for almost five months after moving into a nursing home. I am afraid that it has made her congestive heart failure worse. Will it get better once she is back on the thyroid medication? Doctor should have known better, she had her thyroid gland removed and had been on thyroid medication 20 years.


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Yes, the doctor should have known berter. I hope she improves, but there's no way to know if this made her heart failure worse. That would be for a doctor to figure out, and I'm not sure he or she would be able to. She should get back on it, I'd think.
She is back on her thyroid medication now. But I am concerned about the quality of care she is getting and the competence of the doctor that works with the nursing home. I am going to have to be more pro-active and make sure she gets all her meds now.

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