I signed the contract for my mini farm I am so excited and he is too but doesn't show it.

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He used to when he was really excited. I made an apt with his memory specialist before we move to make SURE what precautions I need if any to take. Also if there is a medication I can give him on the spot if he becomes unruly, not likely to happen but we will be traveling. Any traveling advice anyone can give me that has been through this ? Thanks to all.


Shoot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but doesn't show it like he used to. Meant to say......
Tarajane, all I can say is that we wish you the best of luck.

I've always wanted a farmette or a gentleman's farm, but if I didn't do that by the time I was 45, I knew there was no way I would have the energy to keep the house, barns, animals, the acreage all maintained.

Both sets of my grandparents were farmers, large scale, so they had farm hands to help them out, but it still was exhausting work. Only time I really saw my grandparents was around the supper table, then grandpa was back out in the barns for some reason or another tending to an animal.
But see, I am retired. All I want is 4-6 chickens for eggs, maybe a pygmy goat for a pet, a rabbit, some guineas for the ticks, etc. That is my hobby. I think some think I want to start a dairy farm or beef farm. No, this will be my get away hobby. Just watching chickens gives me pleasure. I don't see anything so bad about a few animals. I can get someone to cut our grass, what we have of it. Everyone says find a hobby to keep your sanity, well this is the one I have wanted for 40 years and up until now I could not. I am in excellent health knock on wood. But if I live thinking what if what if I will sit in this house and watch my DH go downhill and will shoot myself.
Chickens for eggs..? Chickens for pure entertainment value and conversation, more like! What sort are you planning to get?
Silkies, they don't lay well but are so beautiful I need 2 Black Austrolop and maybe Buff Orphingtons.
I suspected as much! You just want the extra cuddles! - Is this a mini farm or a love-in???

We had Black Rocks, which are a Rhode Island Red and Maran cross and gorgeous but jumpy, and Bluebells who were decent layers and irresistibly plump - when you pick them up you can't help giving them a quick squeeze and visualising gravy (not that I'd have dreamed of acting on the impulse, of course). Do you have battery hen rescue organisations in the States, though? Because rescue hens are fantastic layers and real little personalities, too, with the extra karma of giving them a happy life after their early hardships. I think ours were gold lines, though of course you have to take what you're given to an extent. The farmers kick them out after one or two seasons, so they're still in their prime - all those lovely ladies going for dog food, it's criminal - but there are some community-minded farmers who are perfectly happy to divert as many as possible to good homes.

I've had to take a break from keeping chickens because we had a tragedy with a fox that I don't want to talk about and I can't risk anything like that happening again. But life in the garden with no chickens is so lonely it's unbearable. As soon as I can a friendly contractor to put in a good, stout electric fence (and learn to use a shotgun?) I hope to welcome some more.
I do not get the farming thing,mounds like work, but I do get the making a dream come true. Congrats this is something you really want, so I think it is awesome and wish you the best.
Moving may be very disorienting for your husband, if it becomes too much do you have a backup plan? Good luck, tough challenge.
If it becomes too much for him, I will cross that bridge....this just cannot be an impossible thing to do. I will make it happen. Thank you and hugs
Tarajane, hope this all works out and the house/land. You are one brave sole to buy a place sight unseen. And have one heck of a friend who was willing to do all the leg work looking for a place for you to buy.

How did the inspections go or are they still in process? Will you be using Power of Attorney for your hubby to sign as his POA on the mortgage documents, etc? Sometimes people forget to do that, if in fact you and hubby are buying this together. I wish you the best of luck.
Thank you so much. You all will be coming with me. I need you down there. I know one inspection is being done because the check I sent has been cashed. I should know something today. Don't panic. They didn't just take the money and run.... I totally forgot about the POA in this case. We did just sign documents with an attorney, POA, etc. I have to call my atty and find out if anything needs to be done when moving to another state concerning the wills, POA and all the other things we signed. Thanks again

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