Help! Can't remember where I saw the post but someone posted a link to a website re: benefits available thru the VA. These were extra

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benefits available beyond VA drs. and medications. I really need that info but did not save the link. Also, has anyone consulted with an elder care attorney regarding their loved one? We just need some questions answered regarding our parents and I thought maybe an attorney could answer our questions instead of the 6 of us kids going off in different directions. If so was your experience helpful? Thanks!


Depending on your loved ones income there are other benefits available such as home health visits, respite care, wheelchairs, hospital beds, etc. You can easily find out by contacting the social worker at the VA you go to.
Check with the local VA office there are services available to those who gave so much keep at it until you get what you need they deserve it for what they gave up for their country if the first person in not helpful keep asking you are due services to give your life for your country is awsome-keep us it touch-at the least you will get PT service and thank you for what you have done for all of us-it is no small thing to put yourself in harms way for our freedom my dad was in WW11

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