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Tomorrow morning, there is a healthcare roundtable with Senator Carl Levin at Providence Hospital. I know that I am very concerned about the lack of government programs in Michigan to help pay for or at least subsidize in home care or daycare for our loved ones. Perhaps some of you have the same or different concerns. If you want to attend, here is the information-
The discussion will be held the Medical Office Building on Foster Winter Drive. You may enter Foster Winter Drive by turning south off 9 Mile just before Greenfield. You may also enter Foster Winter drive by turning west off Greenfield before 9 Mile Road. The Medical Office Building is a tall black building located next to the Great Lakes Rehab Hospital.

The discussion is in Room 8G, the Traditions Room on the 8th Floor. Flat surface parking is available right outside the building.

To RSVP, please contact Corey Malmgren toll free at 1-888-810-3880 or at

They do hold these events every so often, so if you would like to attend, but can't go tomorrow, it would be a good idea to email Corey Malmgren to express your interest about attending a future healthcare roundtable.

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