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My Mom is in a nursing home, was admitted for short term rehab from a hospital stay where I had to call 911 otherwise she probably wouldn't have survived. She has some dementia (been on meds for a couple of years), COPD, bi-polar disorder,( on max dose of meds) moderate athritis, veinous thrombosis and macular degeneration and the nursing home says she ready for discharge. I contested it saying it was unsafe. I cannot provide her with the daily care that she needs to manage her medications, shop/prepare meals and laundry for her. She is a senior, on Medicaid, Section 8 and food stamps but CANNOT get ANY help. This can't be true. I am holding the nursing home liable for providing me with written documentation that my mother is both physically and mentally competant, as the administrator himself says she is. As well as written documentation that she will have services set up for her in the community otherwise she cannot go home, it's unsafe. Mom wants to go home and insists she is fine, she also lives for the moment doesn't think about tomorrow. So, I ask does anyone have any words of wisdom??

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Ask the dischrge planner to put you in contact with a eldercare advisor, referral agency in your area. Look for Residential care homes who are accepting Medicaid as a payment.
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