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Forms & Documents Articles

Adding this one simple step when a loved one creates or changes their will, powers of attorney and other crucial legal documents can minimize unnecessary stress and familial discord down the road.

Family caregivers should assemble a folder of these 9 important medical details that can be easily handed off to nurses and doctors when seniors need emergency care.

A letter of instruction acts as a clear guide to personal, financial, and funeral information for your surviving family members. Learn what to include in this document and how often to update it.

Power of attorney documents allow caregivers to advocate for their loved ones, but some institutions require additional documentation. See what specific permissions you’ll need to access personal information and make vital decisions.

Each person has their own preferences for end-of-life care. The best way to guarantee that individual wishes will be respected is to put them down in writing. There are a few documents required for this that an elder law attorney can help you draw up.

Speaking with your parents about their legal and financial future isn't an easy thing to do. However, a bit of planning and straightforward conversation can help the entire family avoid unnecessary complications during trying times.

Painful legal battles amongst family members over Kasem’s care overshadowed his final years of life, highlighting the importance of obtaining legal documents and having clear conversations about end-of-life issues sooner rather than later.

Advance directives are a useful tool for end-of-life planning, but there's another option for terminally ill elders who want to outline their future care preferences.

Most people mistakenly believe that creating a will is a one-time task, but estate-planning documents should be reviewed regularly to ensure they still reflect your wishes.

Being an elder law attorney prepared me well for the day when the symptoms of my father's memory loss became debilitating. I knew what documents to prepare and what information to have on hand.

Dementia patients with end-of-life care instructions in place were three times less likely to experience fear and anxiety in their final days.

This new tool for getting an elder to discuss driving issues may help make conversations about giving up the keys easier and more productive.

Understand the specifications of your POA document to avoid unnecessary strife regarding important medical and financial decisions.

If elders live in assisted living, skilled nursing or a nursing home, and they don't have the proper legal documents in place, doctors might not discuss chronic conditions or even life and death health care decisions with caregivers.

It is crucial to engage in proper legal planning with family members while they are still of sound mind. An elder law attorney outlines competency criteria that must be met in order to obtain valid legal documents before a crisis strikes.

One of the most exhausting parts of being a caregiver, from my point of view, is that there's always the threat of an emergency that we are responsible to handle. We are literally on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When a loved one enters the later stages of Alzheimer's, planning now can help ease the pain of stepping in when a parent's ability to make financial and health care decisions slips away.

We hold onto medical papers, financial statements, and tax documents just in case we need them, but this can be overwhelming for caregivers who store their loved ones’ files, too. Use these tips to organize what you should keep and purge what you don’t.

Tips to help caregivers plan for their own financial future. Caregivers are so focused on managing their parent’s health and finances that they don’t think about their own future financial needs.

Having the proper authorizations in place and information on hand can help you save time and lessen frustration when contacting Medicare about coverage, claims and payments.