Elderly Antibiotic Use

  • Protect Yourself from Antibiotic Overuse and Prevent Resistance

    Antibiotics can be useful against many different infections, but their overuse contributes to making certain strains of bacteria into drug-resistant "super bugs." Learn how to correctly use these medications and prevent resistance.

  • Finding the Right Medications and Dosages is Tricky for Seniors

    Seniors should not necessarily be prescribed the same dosages as younger patients. When it comes to antibiotics and other medications we need to be careful!

  • Do Antibiotics Cause Fatigue and Lethargy?

    Some people may have no trouble taking an antibiotic, while others may wind up feeling even more tired once they begin taking their medication. Antibiotics seem like straightforward medications, however their side effects can be problematic.

  • What Caregivers Need to Know About C. Difficile

    C. diff infections are on the rise in hospitals and nursing homes, and ill seniors are particularly vulnerable to this persistent bug. Use these best hygiene and antibiotic practices to keep your loved one and yourself healthy.

  • UTIs Cause Unusual Behavioral Symptoms in Elders

    Seniors with urinary tract infections may not exhibit classic physical symptoms. Instead, confusion and mental and behavior changes can be the tell-tale signs of a UTI.

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