My mother depends on her beside commode for support when she gets up to use it. It wobbles when she puts her full weight on the arms. Any suggestions on how to made it support her better?

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Thanks to everyone for the suggestions! My family and I will look at all the options you mentioned. It is a blessing to have found this website! It is good to have a place where I can go for information and suggestions from people who are in the same situation that my family is in. Thank all of you so very much!
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I agree with CM; if mother can't get herself upright, she needs something more stable to grab onto, such as a floor to ceiling grab bar like this one:
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She shouldn't be using the commode to pull herself up and across from the bed - is that what you mean she's doing? I should get advice from an OT or PT: if you can't get one to come to the house, you can call them on your smart phone and video link them to a demonstration of how your mother is transferring from bed to commode and vice versa.
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If you have some handywoman ability, you could make triangular supports for each leg to provide more stability.  There also might be some triangular mechanisms available for stabilization.   

I couldn't find what I specifically was looking for, but here are some ideas:

1.   Triangular stabilizers for furniture legs:

Wedge stabilizer: 

Other options:

Check out the stabilizers in the second row, second photo from the left:

These might work as well; they're already made, and are reasonably priced:

2.  My father made square wooden leg stabilizers, for my mother's favorite chair, but he did a lot of woodworking so it was an easy design for him.

3.  You might want to contact a local DME supplier to find out if they have anything to stabilize commode legs.  

4.  Or if you know a carpenter or handyman, ask what their suggestions might be.

5.  The reason I looked for triangular options is that they provide more stability than say, round pieces that just fit over the base of the legs, which is what I've seen on most commodes.

6. Another option would be to contact AL or rehab facilities and ask if they use stabilizers, and if so, what brand.

Good luck; I hope you find something useful.
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I can see where the one Willie posted would be better than the standard one Medicare pays for. The seat is sturdier and legs wider apart for stability.

I would check the legs of the chair you have. Are all the legs the same length. They are adjustable and one leg could be in the wrong hole.
Then check the rubber/plastic tips on the bottom of each leg. Rubber wears down. They do crack and break off. If one has done this it will throw the chair off. May need to replace them.
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Look for a bariatric commode, like this one:
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If it “wobbles” it’s unsafe. See if you can get her insurance to cover a sturdier one.
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