How do you take the car keys away from a parent?

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My mom has been in one accident and one near accident within a week. I do not want to take her independance, but afraid she will hurt herself or someone else on the road

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I know someone that handled this problem wonderfully. They took their dad for a driver's license test. Now, I don't know how they did that, if he wasn't due for one. The first time he failed and was given a second chance. He couldn't back out of a parking spot. Although, his kids were afraid that he would pass, he didn't.
My dads doctor turned his name into the state. The State then sent him a letter requiring that he take the form that they sent him to be filled out by his doctor after a complete examination on everything, memory, reflexes, etc. He past the written test but failed the driving part. He was madder than a stirred up hornets nest. I am grateful that the doctor did this there for she is the enemy in this situation. Before his license was revoked he lived alone about 5 hours north of myself and his other children. Well for him to take the road test by me he had to take the test in downtown Detroit. (not sure I could pass that one) So needless to say twice he was taken up north for his test. Boy was it a looooooooong 5 hour ride home. This all happened about 4 1/2 years ago and he still wants to try to get it back (he turns 90 in April) My advice.....make the doctor the bad guy, she will either look at the paperwork that needs to be filled out too much of a bother, or to nervous about taking the test and give up or try like mad to keep her independence. In the mean time you be supportive any way she wants to handle it without being the person who took it from her. Good Luck Babsie this is not an easy thing to do!!

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