Is there a solution or advise for sleeping patterns of a person with dementia?


Sleeps for an hour then is wide awake and wants to get up. She takes 50mg of Trazodone and can take an anxiety pill during the day as needed.

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Have you talked over with the doctor who prescribed trazadone that it doesn't seem to be working?

Geriatricians and geriatric psychiatrists are scare in some locations. You might have better luck finding a behavioral neurologist who specializes in dementia. Even if you have a long wait to first see him or her I think it will be worth it in the long run.
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Very helpful! However we tried to get a geriatric and oddly none will take us. No new patients at this time. What should we be looking for in a sleeping pill? Mg's etc. There does not seem to be much help for us to learn more and we are trying to do the best we can. Is there signs, or warnings to when an episode is coming on? There is nothing routine about this illness, we take it as it comes but any hints would be wonderful!!!!
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Ah, sleep issues are the bane of dementia caregivers' sanity!

Who prescribed the trazadone? I'd say the conclusion is it isn't working, at least at that dose. Is your mom seeing a dementia specialist, such as a behavioral neurologist or a geriatric psychiatrist or some other doctor who has focused their life career on dealing with dementia? If so, discuss this sleep problem with that doctor and ask for the drug to be changed or adjusted. If not, I suggest that a specialist experienced in dementia care is the best source of help for this kind of problem.

I know this isn't trivial. I simply would not have been able to keep my husband home with me if his doctors had not been able to help him sleep though the night.
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