My 81 year old father has Alzheimer's and has recently started staying in bed, with the exception of eating or using the bathroom. Is this a normal stage?

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It could possibly be depression. It sounds like another doctor checkup should be scheduled. I don't know what stage you father is in, but unless it's a very late stage, I wouldn't say this is normal. A medication adjustment of some kind may be helpful.

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Hi Joyce, to me this sounds like a form of depression. I would try to learn about what one goes thru-at different stages of this disease-to better prepare yourself. Also keep in mind that different people go thru the disease differently, and can be in more than one stage at a time. I found The Alzheimer's Associaion to be very helpful/ and they also have a 24-t hotline. Try not to rationalize you dad's behavor, as what is normal for one-can be abnormal for another. His neurologist also may be a good resource, as well as checking this out online, and also reading up on this. I have been on the caregiver journey, and it can be taxing at times. Knowledge and Support are key. Good luck!
My Mom is 89 she has Alzheimers, and has lived with me for 7 yrs, I would have to agree with the above comments. Everyone who has this acts and behaves differently. My Moms doctor told me to expect wandering at night and all her functioning capaticy to diminish, that was 6yrs ago( hasnt happen yet,thank god!!) the doctor does have her on aricept and namenda,that was when I noticed that the alzheimers seemed to have slowed down. It helps to have a small pet around preferably a dog, it makes her calmer,on the days she seems to not be there. Get him to assist on lite tasks,(something he use to do,my mom enjoys folding clothes-( I give her small towels and pillowcases to fold) Hope this helps!!! Take Care of yourself :)
Yes my dad is exactly the same
My mother is in the late stages and she would stay in the bed all the time, if we let her. She sleeps until about lunchtime most days. When she wakes up we take her to the bathroom (usually she has already soiled her pad), fix her either breakfast or lunch, give her medicine, then we get her comfortable in a recliner and she goes back to sleep. Sometimes she is awake for dinner and sometimes we have to wake her up. She isn't usually awake more than 4 or so hours a day. I tried to get her to walk around more in the earlier stages, but now she can hardly walk and leans backward real bad, so I don't push her.
Amazing Grace, Question? How long has your Mom lived with you? The doctor I take my Mom to said that as we age we tend to sleep more, however my Mom did exactly what you discribed when she 1st came to live with me 7yrs ago. Mom doesnt soil the bed (yet) but she does have to be walked around in between watching her shows on TV then she goes to her recliner. She is starting to doze off more during the day now,perhaps ahe's entering the final stage? I dont know, I do take her to the doctor to have her checked once a month,he tells me she has'nt gotten any worse. But again I have to atribute her stablity to the meds she takes. Take Care and God Bless!

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