Where can I find help to pay for oxygen?

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I have a client who has no income, and is fighting to get on dissablity. she despratly needs to get on oxygen, we are trying to find her some assistance, can u help?
Consumer has prescription insurance but it doesn't cover her oxygen. Is there any help out there?
my husband was placed on oxygen 5 years ago and at the time i had insurance to pay for it i have recently retired and have no insurance and can not pay for it wellstar came and repossed it the man took the canulas out of his nose where can i find help he can not get ssi because the say i draw too much
doctor has written rx. for oxygen we charge it on our credit card card cause can,t afford it.. is ther help to pay for this. has no part b ins.
i filled out hardship papers with people who we recieve our oxygen from they said they maybe able to cut our payment in half. see if your copany does this service
Try seeking help from the county that you live in.
Excuse me but not everybody can afford money to come off their social security check, that check might be all they have to live on..my Mom is lucky enough to be living with me and I feel so sorry for others who don't have anybody to help them at all
Try the following:
Assistance for those who cannot afford medications that they need
The Partnership for Prescription Assistance
Help qualifying patients who lack prescription coverage get medicines they need through public or private programs.
Carol, Why on earth isn't this man on Medicaid? Y'all phone down to the County Medicaid office and get him covered and taken care of. Time's a wastin'.

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