My sis was diagnosed w/ a lung disease that has given her 3-5 years to live, my BIL is taking care of her now, but I would like 2 take some of the load off of him as he had a 5-way heart surgery the Feb. before she was given 3-5 yrs. to live. They have a daughter who lives in another state.

She has a great boss who lets her bring her work home when she needs to be with her parents. I spent a couple of days with my sister in March and she acted like she didn't need or want my help. I would like to arm my BIL with info (when it's needed) about an Aging Area Agency that he can call when the time comes. Since they live in NKY, I'm thinking that Council on Aging would be where he could turn to down the road. ...but I'm not sure. Does anyone know for sure?

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Most towns or countys have office of the ageing or some such resourses you could state with the state or county or social services for that area depending on income levels he may get low cost home care and if you are on medicare and have to be in a hospital for 3 days you can go to rehab for usually 21 days and if you have medicare supplement it could be up to 100 days and will get home care for a whild after going home. You could help check out these services for him also some senior centers have low cost day care and some have buses that will take people to the center for activities and low cost lunch or meals on wheels.
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