Mom sometimes goes into an angry spin in a parking lot and tries to escape from the car. How can I keep her in the car when she does this?

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Mom has several times gone into her angry spin in a parking lot. She decides she is exiting the car and the only way to keep her in is to GRAB and hold on tight...she opens the door and throws her legs out. The simple thing to do would be to put her in the back seat with the child locks EXCEPT she is 6 feet tall and her legs will not fit in our Camry. Has anyone seen a gadget to attach to the seatbelt to secure it once buckled? She is so fast and can unbuckle and flip the lock before you know what is happening. Hoping someone else has worked this out or I will be inventing something quick.

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First of all, bless you for driving Mom around inspite of her volatile moods. I don't have an answer, but I can see that it certainly needs an answer! And what if it progesses to where she wants to get out while the car is moving?

I kind of doubt there would something to secure the seatbelt. I wonder if a dealer could install the child locks in the front seat? Keeping her from being able to open the door seems a very high priority. Good luck!
As soon as I posted this, I thought of another way to google search and sure enough under "childproof seatbelt lock" it pulled up Angel Guards...already ordered from their get 2 for 19.99 and an additional 2 for each of our cars that we use. I'll let you all know if they work well.
Oh, that is really good to hear! Do let us know how they work for you.

My mother threatened to do the same thing when we were stopped at a red light on a busy highway (!), but luckily -- just a few days earlier -- my cousin (a nurse) showed me how to adjust a small switch on the rear passenger door that's only accessible when the door is opened. It's an up/down switch that keeps the passenger from opening his/her door from the inside. It's a child-proofing device that's available on some models of cars. (We were in a Lincoln Towncar.) Your dealer or perhaps a mechanic would be able to show you if your car has this feature, and if so where it is.
Sorry, I just read the entire original post and noted that you are aware of the child-proofing device for the back seat doors. Would be very nice if it were available for front passengers as you said, as well. And I'll also look for feedback on the "Angel Guards" . . . .

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