What can I do about my Mom having numerous "accidents"?

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My mom has dementia and has started to have "accidents" (wets herself) during the day. I usually get her up early and take her to the bathroom and she hasn't had any problems in her bed, but during the day she has 2 or 3 a day. Some days she doesn't have any problems. Today I had to wash her bedding and help her change clothes twice. When I ask her what happened she just says she doesn't know. Her type of dementia makes it difficult for her to express herself. She also puts the wet clothes back in the closet or drawer. I have tried to get her to use garments for bladder control but she doesn't like them. I am really lost as to what to do. Any suggestions?

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Hiya irwinsu,

First you should really try bathroom training. It could be that she isn't emptying her bladder when she goes. try putting her on a schedule. whether she needs to go, make her go to the bathroom every 2 hours.
Jusr get a lot of those sheets that are soft on one side and waterprofe on the other side and try different depends panties.
Depends disposable are really great. They are like diapers and adjustable. They come in S/M/L and they work really well. You can get the tucks with the green liners and the cotton backs or buy a bed protector for the bed. Before you know it you'll become an expert at changing those diapers, and it makes it much easier on you.

If she still walks, do try encouraging restroom or potty visits frequent. But for the times you're too tired to get up atleast you'll feel good knowing that she had on a diaper.

Sometimes you can even find them on sale. Costco sells them in a large case, but there not as thick as the regular ones.

Hope this helps.
I agree with all above. Mom has a hard time getting up and down. So, I asked her to go everytime she gets up to do anything else...that way, she is already up. I just read an article that said if you start going on a 2-hour schedule it actually helps strengthen the muscles so that you will have to go less frequently.
But if your mom is having a memory issue, all you can do is try to prevent accidents.
good luck.
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Use a waterproof mattress pad, put 1 or 2 "chucks" on the top sheet so if she has an accident it will be absorbed without wetting the sheet, use Depends (or similar underwear) with an added pad (I use Poise or Serenity Tena pads) attached to the liner. Good idea is not to give her liquids after 5 or 6 pm if possible. Make sure she gets to the bathroom prior to bedtime.
I, too, was going crazy changing bedding every day until a home health aid suggested the above practices. It helps. Good luck.
It's a no-brainer. Get OVERNIGHT paper panties, Kroger, CVS or Tena and put them on her! Don't ask, Don't take no for ananswer, just do it. Don't even discuss it, and you'll be fine. If she goes in them, just change them as many times a day as is necessary . No need to limit her liquid intake either.

Been there, done that,
Forgive my stupidity, but what's a "chuck?"

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