My mother lives with me and I need some time off. How can I get my 9 brothers and sisters to help out? I feel like an only child!

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Look into respite care (see for more information).

As for getting your family to step up once these programs are in place, I'll let the aging care and family specialists jump in.
You may not be able to family members to help -- emotions, good and bad, tend to run high in stressed families; some family members cannot face the situation, others may be able to honestly say they don't care (you don't want their help anyway). My best advice for you in the short term is to get help from non-emotionally involved parties: church members/clergy, County/State agencies, Neighbors, Local support groups, even paid home care agencies. If money is in issue (when isn't it?) perhaps you can barter with someone, trading a service (maybe you bake great cakes or can do calligraphy or could do someone's shopping) for their time spent with your mother. Even an hour for yourself is a blessing. Sometimes I use my 'traded' hours to watch a movie or take a walk or get my hair cut. Sometimes I do nothing. Good luck!
youre not the only one . i too have many siblings but none of them would come to help . they all have problems of thier own .
my children helps me and my husband helps too .
i enjoy havin my dad around . after al we drifted apart 30 yrs when he left to move to fla . couple years ago i went and got him or its nursing home . he didnt want to stay in a nursing home and i dont blame him. he is greatful to be here and doesnt cause any pblms for me . he is a good man .
the first 8 mos was rough cuz of his dementia now he has mellowed down alot .
if u have a grown children maybe they could help you . hire someone ? askin sibling is like askin a dog to say meow . some sibling lives out of states and some is not too far from here .
i wish u a good luck .

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