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i am 48 and my husband is 71. we have been alot together, he had a liver transplant 3 yrs ago. it has been difficult..or so i thought but now i am at a loss.. he has parkinson's, he doesn't realize how hard it is for me (i work full time, we have an 8 y/o daughter). i'm at my wits end, i can't be with him 24hrs but i can't afford full time help at home? pls..any suggestions????!


Dear ida3, is he a Veteran? On Medicare? Just some thoughts... You could also contact your local Commission on Aging office for referrals and recomendations. Hang in there, till your answer comes.
He is on medicare only, not a veteran. Thank you, i will contact them tomorrow! i have to keep hanging in and make life as "normal" as possible for our daughter. thank you!

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