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After we had decided to do palliative care they moved her back to the nursing home yesterday. I received a call this morning that she was unresponsive with a high fever. They took her back to hospital where they put her on a vent! Not what I wanted. After a call from her nursing home MD and he called the hospital the hospital called me and we agreed at this point to pull the vent. I am catching next flight out of Toronto to NJ and I hope she can hang on long enough to say goodbye.


EricaMagoo83, so sorry to read about your Mom.

Did the hospital have on file your Mom's "Medical Directive"? A Directive gives direction to the nursing home and to the hospital what Mom would want done for her in case of a serious illness. Good that the nursing home doctor called you to explain what was happening, and later everything was straighten out.

Why does things have to get so complicated as we get older.... [sigh]
Ericamagoo83, our prayers are with you that you get your goodbye. Hugs and love to you.
Deep breathe!
That’s why her nursing home doctor called because he was furious that the hospital disobeyed a medical directive. They then confirmed with me that I wanted to remove the tube. It’s in her and gods hands if I get to say goodbye to her here in this earth or in spirit.
My thoughts are with you. Safe travels.
Oh, Erica, I am so sorry. I hope you arrive in time and be with her. {hug}
Oh Erica! Travel safely!

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