They committed Dad today.

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He has been getting worse, y'all know that. Well his hallucinations have been getting out of control, there were the ninjas attacking on horseback, then he was stabbed in the chest and needed a lung surgeon, then he witnessed something and a killer was in the house and was trying to kill him. The last one he called 911 twice and I told them he has dementia but they had to check it out and had to make a report.... don't blame them. just doing their jobs...BUT now he is committed, by the state. TX ... what does that mean exactly? its a mandatory one week stay possibly two weeks, I LOVE that I wont have to clean up poo or pee for that time but what happens now? can they place him directly after that? will he come home, they didn't even talk to us about it really, just came asked some questions and bam... he was in the van going a town away. I'm not sure if I should be relieved (cuz I am that he will be getting full time care with proper meds and someone other than me being a witness to things) or if I should be scared, what will they do now? take his house take everything and put him in a nasty "home" that will make him end his days neglected and alone?


it's probably a two week stay, here in FL that's how long they had to keep my mom to get a proper diagnosis.

very early on, probably today, a social worker will contact the care giver about a discharge plan. yes they can place him directly from there. don't count on the proper meds, they only used sleeping pills and appetite stimulators on my mom, and she's crazier than squirrel poop. as far as getting the troops to line up behind you, i wouldn't count on that either, since my mother's discharge (she came home) everything is basically back to business as usual, although she is eating more now, has retained most of the weight she gained while locked up, thanks to discovering Ensure.

they can's force anyone into any place against his will. i did a lot of research about this while my mom was locked up, because it certainly seemed like it was headed in the direction you described. the staff kept interrogating her over and over again, 'you don't want to go home do you', 'you want to go to Al don't you', that kind of thing. if you phrase a question like that enough times to ANY elderly person they'll probably crack under the pressure just from being in an unfamiliar environment locked up and alone.

i suggest staying on top of the situation, visit every day if you can, call every day, by all means try to set up an appointment with the doctor for a face to face consultation, i was advised to do this and didn't, i wish i had.

at the end of the two weeks it got really scary. they brought a judge in from the courthouse downtown, were doing on the spot incompetency hearings to have these folks turned over to public guardians, or whatever.

thank God i called DCF back in November, the guy who knew my mom and me, who had talked with us both at the house, knew the truth about her home life, he met with my mother, from all indications was instrumental in getting her home.

as a backup plan i was scrambling with her lawyer and my brother to dust off the family legal documents. did find a document called Health Care Surrogate which specifically states my brother controls where my mother lives, and because of the family trust documents no public guardian can step in, is my understanding.

i would try to locate all your family legal documents, call your family lawyer if you have one, in case you need help getting loved one sprung from the system.

in the first few days, yeh, it's a relief that the lunatic is out of the house. until the reality of the situation sets in, meaning you all of the sudden, apparently tonight for you, realize you may have just turned over your loved one to Satan's minions.
YPI, SDO, gave you some excellent information. Get on the phone today with family and attorney that setup the documents.

I would guess that the state could take guardianship especially if they think there is not proper care or oversight. Expect to receive a call from APS. If they find that proper care is provided then you probably have nothing to worry about. Look at it from their perspective though, what kind of care is being provided if there are calls to 911? Making these calls could be considered being a danger to oneself. What if neighbors started seeing this, they would fear for their children. I would too. Do everything you can to assist through this, your chances of the best possible outcome rely on you being honest. You need the decision that will be in Hus best interest and keep him safe.
UPDATE: Dad is home. They changed his meds a bit but other than that nothing changed. They said he was perfect while there, a little distant and very quiet. WTH? No abnormal behavior, no ninjas, no killers, no gun fights.... nada! He came home and BAM.... I am back to being militant and demanding and just trying to control his every move because I'm power hungry... Lol? really? sooo I started actively looking for work outside the home. My brother is unemployed and able to care for him for now. I'll move out and the siblings can take over. Dad is meek and gentle while they are around and follows me through the house yelling the f word and calling me a b@#$% and well honestly I'm fed up. AND on the Karma front. My grandmother is moving down to live with my sister... and she has alzheimers.... yeah folks. karma is a, well you know.
His hallucinations certainly are vivid and dramatic! Ninjas on horseback, killers in the house....does he watch a lot of TV with suspenseful drama? Could wild TV possibly be having an effect on him having these vivid hallucinations? They certainly sound like something out of swashbuckling movies!

So sorry you are going through that! You say he is very quiet on front of your other family members, but I suspect that once THEY take over what you've been doing, it won't be long before they get a taste of what you've been handling all this time. Good luck to you on your new job!
ypiffani, you did a tremendous job with him and it will be good for brother to care for him and get a good understanding of what his dementia is. I agree with Molly, he may be mixing up TV with reality, and that is why it is sooo important to manage what he sees and what he hears. Music from his era would be good (1960's), and comedies on TV, Maybe the Woodstock movie. Your sister is about to have an illuminating experience. Try to gloat up your sleeve and listen sympathetically, but don't let her trap you into taking over. Point her towards the right memory care center when the time comes. And you know it's coming real soon.
he does watch TV a lot and he was a very avid SciFi reader when he read. He is a very very smart man, just all jumbled in his mind now. I have tried to limit what he watches and have blocked channels that have violence and sexual situations since he likes to re-enact them.... (yeah I know). my brother has come over in the past and unblock them without my knowing, he sees no problem with dad watching that stuff, he also sees no problem with giving him sugar and caffine, but he leaves and doesn't have to deal with the "crazies" that happen after it kicks in. He uses the excuse that I took my mother chocolate doughnuts while she was in Hospice, to me there is a WORLD of difference. Mom was dying, actively dying... YES it raised her bloodsugar and NO it wasn't good for her but when your dying mom asks for it.... you bring it. Dad has YEARS left in his life no matter what his mental state. I will TRY not to say anything too snide to my sister WHEN she complains about Grandma.... try.... I cannot promise not to laugh uncontrollably though, oh and I just found out that when my rich sister takes her monthly vacations, my brother is going to take Grandma to his house .... ahahahahahahah.... oh Karma... you are grand.

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