The hardest thing to do.

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The Hardest Thing to Do

It's been seven years, this week, since I began taking care of Edna. It's been seven years that I've known it was a "short term" arrangement. For seven years I've walked into her bedroom, in the morning, listening for sounds. For seven years, I've wiped her butt, lotioned her body, cheered her on in her endeavors. Seven years later I love this woman. And the hardest thing to do is watch her die.

She's dying. Rather slowly, but nevertheless, very soon. We're all praying to makes it through Christmas.

I'll be able to say goodbye in the end. I'm very good with goodbyes. It's a closed chapter or the end of a cherished book, and I'll have fond memories.

But this watching of this beloved lady diminish day by day? I can barely hold back the tears to give her a smiling face. I must and I do.

But, dammit, it's sooooooooo hard.



Hugs LadeeC... I've been there myself with loved.. It doesn't get easier as you watch another pass..

Just hold her hand and let her know you are there...
This will be my second, this year. First my dad, in September, and now Edna. It's very hard.
I can't imagine the grief that must accompany the kind of caregiving experience you've had.

Perhaps you can think of how much help you've given her over the years, and how much you've enhanced her life because of that care. Now her journey and yours with her is close to its final destination. It was a journey you traveled together, likely with each sharing much of yourself.

Even after she's gone, you will have the memories to cherish of your time together and remember how much you contributed to and shared each other's lives.
Dear LadeeC:

May you know the good you've done for others so willingly, and giving so completely come back toy you 7 fold. May you heart feel so wonderful for all you've done and the example you have set for others as to the good that comes to those serving others with love and care.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that each day is blessing in some way--

Hospice should start this week. **sighs**

BTW, folks .. feel free to "hijack" this thread with your own version of "The hardest thing ... "

Dear LadeeC - I hope you find peace knowing that you have helped this lovely woman's last time on this earth be filled with love, compassion, companionship, and caring. You were fortunate to have each other.

For everything there is a season....and your life has been enriched by this period. Face it with strength and joy that you have brought Edna to her next adventure with love.

Peace be with you & my prayers for you and Edna....
Ladee C I think you've said the hardest thing.

Watching someone you love die is kind of like dying yourself. I know something died in me watching my Mother die.

Actually going on without her is tied for the hardest thing.

God be with you during this final time.
Ladee, it has been a long, hard road for you. How fortunate that you have enjoyed and become close to Edna. I am sure that makes the final days more difficult. Take care of yourself and comfort Edna as she knows you are there. She has so much enjoyed your company and appreciated ALL of your caring and so compassionately!

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