she ask the same thing over, over.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My mom does the same thing sometimes but i believe that she might be playing with me. It seems to me that when she finds something that gets under my skin, it gives her something to do. Then she gets bored with it and I wait for whatever else she comes up with.
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This is because she can't remember asking before. I know it's hard, but try to distract her rather than getting angry that she just asked the same thing.

Saying, "you just asked that" will only confuse her. I'd answer once or twice, then when she asks the same question, bring up something that will get her attention, or turn on a CD or DVD of old music or movies, get out an old family photo album and point out pictures, anything to distract her.

Good luck. I know this is tough.
Yes, It could also be that she doesn't remember asking, either way, MindingOurElders is right, don't let it get to you. At least, don't let her know it gets to you.
I usually just answer in the same cheery way, using the same words each time, in the same tone of voice and inflection. Eventually she goes on to something else.
I agree with using distraction, and also reassuring with a positive statement. "Let's walk outside and look at the flowers", or sit by the fire and have hot cocoa, etc. My Mother can't see, so we read to her--short stories--very short, hopefully, lol. Nursery rhymes are fun, because usually the elderly long-term memory can finish them. Sometimes Mother makes up new verses, and it cracks both of us up. A very good distraction!
Those are some very great ideas you all have given angie1. I have heard that sometimes it is good to ask the person why they are asking that question to try to get to the "root" of the question.

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