Oats good too.

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Apparently large oats (cooked with brown sugar atop and with milk) has also substantially calmed (and made lucid often) my dear Mom who goes to movies again and laughs and comments. So (I really don't know how or why), in hope this helps, enjoy some oats!


Oat lover here too! I have mine in the morning with an apple and greek yogurt. Mom eats oatmeal and an egg for breakfast most mornings. I've read oats help to reduce inflammation, hardening of the arteries, bad cholesterol and colon cancer. It probably does much more possibly. The egg is good for vitamin D and choline both which helps the brain. She takes that with coconut and fish oil and is usually good to go for a while.
Maybe I'll have oatmeat and turkey for supper!
I found on the days where I make instant oatmeal I actually feel better :) I usually add walnuts, pecans, raisins, and blueberries.

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