Well, how much snow did everyone get?

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Me nearly 15 inches.


We got about 3-4" here in Birmingham. It was beautiful last night. I went outside and could see like it was morning time. Everything was so bright and clear. It was barely freezing, so things thawed fast. By late morning, most of the snow was gone. I saw that people got really blasted in the northeast. My heart is with them.
the old guy who trained me in masonry usedta say if the temps keep falling we may have to do what they do in russia, " let it freeze " . were pretty powerless to stop it is what the old guy was implying.
or when you sit down for lunch and your ass freezes to the ground its time to pack it in for the winter.
simplicity and profound wisdom all wrapped up in a ball of frozen hell.
old bill is probly packin hod in hell about now cause frankly his stonework was amateurish at best.
Jessie don't fret, we have huge snowplows and furnaces that can keep up. It's really a part of the economy in many places. Here in Buffalo we just make the wings hotter and chill the beer in a snowbank. OOps if you leave it out there too long the aluminum cans explode. Beer slush all over.
I live in the western part of VA in the Appalacian mountains. It's a beautiful sight snow is, but it really makes things so difficult. Have 2 four wheels drives. I really need spring.
pstegman, I always thought of Buffalo to be about the most brutal place. I was across the lake in Michigan one winter and we were complaining about the wind and little bit of snow coming down in the sub-zero temps. Then there was Buffalo, totally buried, talking about how it wasn't anything. Sissies like myself could never make it in Buffalo. We would die the first week of winter.
We got 14, on top of the 18 frozen snow we all ready had. Frozen rain now, and the snows supposed to start again at 3 am. Yes, I'm over it.

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