Facebook? Pintarest? LinkedIn? Twitter? What's next?!

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What is the purpose of the new Facebook Twitter, Pintarest and LinkedIn buttons? I don't want my posts on these forums for the world to see! I don't think any of us would! People here see us at our absolute worst! And AgingCare now can let any of us publish our words to the world?!


I would like to see an admin response to this so am reporting my own post and to keep it at the top of the list even just for a little bit.
Glad~I believe it is to allow you to log into facebook, twitter, pinterest and sharing the website address. I certainly hope it does not mean any of us can share a post with our name on these sites. That would clearly be a violation of privacy. I am sure someone from Admin will respond in the morning.
Maybe I am just paranoid, so much has happened this past fou years.

And many of the changes made are great and welcomed!

But we still cannot convince them to add an edit button. I wonder why that is such an issue. I also wonder about a quarantine type function for when those strange, strange posts come up. Course I can see where that wouod cause problems, gladimhere could get angry with another poster and quarantine a post, I guess.
Glad, I have a filter that blocks social media because I find it annoying so I didn't see those buttons when they appeared, but your post made me curious. AgingCare has a presence on all those sites, and the links will take you there. I think you should check out what is posted. Remember that we all agreed to terms and conditions when we joined (I know, who bothers to read that or ponder the implications) and what we say here is now the property of AgingCare...
Cwillie, I know anything we write is AgingCare property. That does not change how I feel about it being shared with this common sorts of social media. I wonder the purpose as I will find another way to get support.
I couldn't see what is shares on Pinterest as they want you to sign up for their site, and the stuff on Facebook seems pretty innocuous, but the tweets are pretty alarming if you value your privacy, if we wanted to tweet to the world we would all be on twitter and not AgingCare. I wonder how they decide which questions get included?
Of course once directed to this site people would have to sign in to comment, but anyone is free to read posts here.
I suppose it is a good thing the links were included in the upgrade, because the association with social media sites is not new and I think most of us were previously unaware.
Our posts belong to AgingCare, but does that or should it extend to all users here? I don't think so, if a poster is upset for whatever reason they can submit anybody's post to any of these forums?
Gladimhere, I can find our postings on the Internet. That is how I found this website to begin with. I was looking for a different website when I saw an interesting question written by one of us alive and well on the Internet. So I have to keep reminding myself that anyone world wide can read what I written.

Now I understand why some new screen names don't fill out their profiles.
Glad, you or I have always had the ability to copy and tweet or share on facebook anything that we find here. Whether that is legal or not I will leave to the experts. The links just take you to the sites, the information sharing is all filtered through AgingCare, they are not intended to allow members to re-post.

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