My Dad just passed in Hospice family care

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In Tucson, AZ I feel they were rushing his death. Very disappointed with them. The head person there mary jo would not stop the loud construction going on across from my dads room it was horrible and she was very unkind and rude. My fathers last day was so not peaceful for him or us as the loud loud construction in the room across from my father would not stop. There were only 2 people there I felt truly cared the whole time we were there... Very disheartened at the lack of empathy snd compassion and care there.


Condolences on the death of your father.

I am so sorry this was not a more peaceful setting for you.
My condolences. So sad that your father didn't get the peace and quiet he deserved towards the end. {Hugs}
I am sorry for your loss. I do believe your dad felt the love that surrounded him, that is the most important thing. Accommodations, construction or staff were probably insignificant to him, As you said he had the people he cared for the most at his side, that is the most important final gift you could have given him and I am sure he was at peace.

Grieve, let go, find peace, all on your personal timeline.

Have a blessed 2015, and may joy return to you.
I asked the hospice manager if she would please stop the loud construction her reply was "is it bothering your dad" really???????? Heartless.... Not the thing to say to a family ..... Inappropriate!!!!! The constant noise was not peaceful... We were trying to pray and talk to my father.... Iam thankful we were with my father and he was glad his children were there.... However... The lack of compassion and respect my family and I coldy did not receive left a wound. I would not recommend this place for anyone ... There were only 2 people who worked there that truly I felt were compassionate and caring
Teddy, I am so sorry for your loss. This raises a question in my mind. How do these places get noisy work done? Could they have moved him to another room maybe further away and less noisy? Or wonder if they would consider shutting the place down until after construction is completed. I know the noise would have driven me nuts! Seems they should have at the very least told you the construction was scheduled providing you the option of going somewhere else.
Teddy, I'm so sorry for your loss and the unkindness of the staff at the Hospice facility. Write to the CEO of the organization when you feel you can, but don't let the circumstances get in the way of grieving your dear dad.
I am so sorry for your loss and the lack of compassion from the staff. My heart felt thoughts are with you as you grieve his passing.

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