My caregiving days came to an abrupt end today...

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Mom passed away early this evening and so my caregiving days ended almost as soon as they began. It's only been slightly over 4 months since I moved Mom to Ohio to live with me and now she's gone. Am I sorry I moved her here? Not in a million years would I be sorry...if it had been 4 years or 40 years I still don't think I would be. As imperfect as I was at this "job" I could never regret it in the final analysis. I had time with Mom that I wouldn't have otherwise had and that in itself makes it worth the frustration, exhaustion, and all the other negative things I'd been experiencing.

Even though we only needed it for 1 day, Hospice made everything so much easier on Mom at the end. Just comfort care and a peaceful passing was possible. No heroics and no invasive medical procedures were needed.

This site has been a real eye-opener for me when I thought I was the only one going through this sometimes frustrating, sometimes exhausting and even sometimes comical journey we call caregiving. I want to thank all who have given me insight and advice when I most needed it. Good luck to you all who are making their way and those who are just beginning your own travels through this seemingly never ending maze.

I know my Mom is now peacefully in the arms of her higher power and need never suffer the frailties of the body and mind again.


Sneaky, I am so sorry for your loss. How wonderful that you had those last three months with your Mom! She is proud of you and appreciates all you have done.

Sneaky, I am glad that you were able to spend the last months with your mother. I know you'll always treasure the time. I am sorry she is gone. Please take care of yourself.
Sneaky, I'm so sorry. I'm glad that you were able to bring your mom over. And to spend the last few months with her - to renew and strengthen your relationship. No regrets, but with treasured memories.
Be comforted by your memories, my friend.
I am sorry for your loss. Your mom was lucky to be surrounded by someone who actually cared as she passed.She passed without being scared, hungry or lonely,just loved.
SneakyinOh, you did wonderful and your right, that time you spent with her was priceless for both of you. Im sorry for your loss.
What a blessing you were able to take care of your Mother and see her journey completed. My sincere condolences. Take good care of yourself now!
I too am so sorry for your loss but am glad that you had the opportunity to be with your mother during her last days and share these last moments. I'm sure your presence and care made her life easier and more rewarding, just by being together.

Your post is quite eloquent and speaks to a level of reflection I hope I can achieve when the time comes. Thank you for sharing your insights and emotions with us.
May your Mom be fully at Peace now and I am also glad she had you, her daughter. Hospice-unbelievable people in that organization, special Angels. Now it's time to take a breath, reflect, and take care of you.
Sneaky, what you've written is hugely comforting, thank you. I hope it was as consoling to write as it was to read. I'm so sorry for your loss.

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