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I am asking because this is a website, where I thought that there is no such thing as a dumb question and the woman (vegaslady) you or man answered it very politely. Sometimes, we need to verbalize things to put them in place. Have a great evening.



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You are right. There is no such thing as a dumb question. Most people in this community are very polite and kind even when they disagree. Some are less tactful, and occasionally there is a hurtful comment. However, the point of the Agingcare community is to lend support, giving advice gained from our own experiences, and asking for help from others who have been through similar situations.

Please keep coming back and don't let one answer dissuade you.
Lots of times all the information is not given, so respones are given by how it is interpreted by the reader. We're all under stress..Take from the answers what is helpful and ignore the rest...Sometimes the truth hurts..
3930 helpful answers
Excellent response assandache. I agree that frequently the information in the question isn't complete enough for people to respond well, and perception can alter the response. Also, caregivers are stressed and sometimes can be short with others. That's not to say this is good, but it happens. Take what you want and ignore the rest is terrific advice in many situations, including online forums - even the best like this one: )
Carol- I second that. Ditto. :'D .
I have noticed that the negative or snotty responses have come from the same person consistently no matter who they respond to.
Feelingweary if I'm correct, I think there is a place on this sites home page where you can "report" a person who seems to not have the best interest of others in mind. Til then, I suggest you ignore such hurtful comments. (((hugs))))
I think I'm being taken to task for responding to a question about giving a parent alcohol against doctors orders. There are lots of dumb questions, mostly because people don't listen, read or think about what they're saying. Don't continue to enable people to fail to use common sense.
vegaslady, there is no crime in offering an opposing opinion, I respect a candid opinion, I respect the statement of facts as you have done so many times. Sometimes the questions are garbled, ramble a bit and contain more anger than data. The reader feels assaulted when the answers aren't what they are looking for. So they vent their rage on the person who gives the answer. Venting relieves stress. I hope so, anyway.
A great reminder to all of us. Even with the most detailed descriptions of the situation, even those which sound similar to things we have experienced, there is no way we can understand everything another person is going through. Consider for a moment that you may not have all the facts, that the person expressing the question may have had a doozy of a day and just needs to vent, that you may be reading through the perspective of your own experiences, etc. A great reminder is that you never know the struggles another person is going through, so be kind, always! And if you are the receiver of an unkind message, try to remember that person is facing struggles as well, so don't take it personally.
I want to add that this is the reason why I posted the discussion: "How would you describe a good listener".. I've notice recently that many members have been emotionally hurt by other members responds.

I've been at this caregiving for a long time and have developed "thick skin" in my opinion many on here have too. I would now consider it Wisdom!! But I also have to deal with changes in my Mom's dementia that are new to me and I find them scary and frightening at times.. Of course when I ask a question it sounds dumb to me but I always sift through the response and find I'm not the first to ask the question..I always use the search feature first so I'm not being repetitive..

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