Pop thinks he is telling Mom a lie if he doesn't answer her questions every 5 minutes with an honest answer, even though the answer upsets her.

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Coach Boyle wrote a book on how he cared for his wife with Alzheimer's. It is very well written, and should your father with the challenges he will face with your mother.

The Alzheimer's Playbook website will answer so many questions, and is a very helpful book. You can download the book for free, read it online 'interactively' or get a 'printed copy' for $12. I think it is a very helpful book, and I'm sure your father will too.

Answering questions 'honestly' when it hurts someone doesn't make any sense. Unless her safety is an issue. what is the harm with a white 'lie' or therapeutic lie?

There are several other books that were very helpful when I cared for my mother with Alzheimer's.

"Learning to speak Alzheimer's" and "The 36-hour day" are two that come to mind. There are many more.

I would also suggest that Dad joins a local support group too. God bless!

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