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My mother has alzheimers. About a year ago she realized that she needed help with paying her bills, talking to docters and just doing and handleing things in general and she made me her POA. I convinced her to deposit money in a checking account and then each month we would sit down together, I`d write checks for all her bills and have her sign them, explaining this way she could look back and see exactly where her money was going. This seemed to work well until all of a sudden she decided that I was stealing all her money. She said she was going to call the police and sue me. She closed her account, quit paying her bills. Her electricity got turned off for non-payment so I payed the bill, then her water which I payed, then water again, then phone, etc. She loses her money, thinks people come through the walls into her house at night, etc. etc.

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I know it is hard to deal with and understand, but know that your mother doesn't mean anything by it. She has Alzheimer's so she is not her normal self. She is coping with how rapidly her life has changed for her and trying to make sense of it. Acting out is the only way that they can convey these feelings of anger and confusion.

Is there an Alzheimer's support group in your area? That way you would know how to deal with your mother when she thinks you have stolen from her, etc.

Good luck!

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