I do not know how to deal with some of my mother - in law's aggression issues

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It took a while for my mother in law to get used to the idea of us living with her. I thought the aggression for the most part was over. She has recently started cussing hitting me whenever she has an accident. She starts blaming me for having put it in her diaper, she tries to hit me while I am trying to clean her up. I have tried to approach her in different ways but so far nothing has helped. I am disabled and cannot afford to hired someone to help. She has never acted that way till a month or so ago. I knew she would blame me for her accident to my husband(because she was embarassed I am sure) but it is like a war zone now, pardon the pun but poop is hitting the fan. She doesn't understand what she is doing, there has to be a way to calm her. She will fight my husband as well, because she doesn't want him to see her like that. once she is clean she is a different person and has no recollection of her actions. Any advice on how to calm her would be great.

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