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My husband has recently been disabled. Is there any monetary help out there for us, as his wife, to be his caregiver? If so, PLEASE let me know if I need to go through any classes and contacts. Thank you so much. Rene'


Buenos dias. Mi hija fue diagnosticada con esclerosis multiple, necesita cuidados en casa, yo me dedico a cuidarla a ella y a sus bebe de 4 meses. Puedo percibir un pago por el cuidado de ella? Ya que no percibo ningun otro ingreso debido a su enfernmedad y cuidado.
Call you local social service office or office for the aging to see if you qualify for low cost aides and you can ask them all your questions.

Go to and search under "financial assistance for caregivers." Do the same at The money you need won't fall on your lap, so don't forget to visit your local public assistance and Social Security offices.

PARA AYUDA FINANCIERA, busquen bajo "financial assistance for caregivers" en y El dinero que necesitan no va a caer del cielo, asi que no olviden de visitar sus oficinas locales de asistencia publica y Seguro Social.

-- ED
Rene, I know exactly what you mean. I too am trying to see if I can get Caregiver pay. the month is just too darn long and the money is too darn short.

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