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10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's and Dementia


My grandmother's doctor is diagnosing her with Alzheimer's and dementia. He says that she had it before her car accident but after the accident it caused it to accelerate 10x's. Before the accident my grandmother lived at home by herself with little to no help from anyone else. She was able to keep her house immaculate & pay all of her bills on time. I don't understand this.

In need, you probably should start a new thread and add details of the symptoms and your situation. There are too many docs as well as laypeople who think that because a person can converse a little and sounds OK for the duration of an office visit, everything must be fine... advice would depend on what kind of doctors you have already seen and what tests have been run already.

So what if your parent has a lot of the symptoms but has been told by doctors that they do not have AD or dementia or MS. They have tested negative for Lyme. All the one doctor can offer is that it may be stress related. What now? Where do we turn to? I need a doctor who can help.

I recognize all of these warning signs as my husband died of Alzheimer. But when the first warning signs showed up, he was barely 50 years old, and just had suffered from Leukemia. When I told the G.P. and the cancer specialist about his strange behavior they all stated that he was depressed, in anxiety of getting the cancer back, suffered from burn out, because he still tried to go working, aso. No one never would admit he had a type of dementia or Alzheimer. After 2 to 3 years I was so fit up, that I went to a specialized clinic where he had to pass tests. 5 times he went for 2 hours. A week later, I got the results. My husband suffered from Alzheimer disease, despite his young age. I have read many books then from the big city library, who have books of all kinds, and effectively had to admit that he had all the signs of an early stage Alzheimer. In total, he lived 14 years with this terrible brain killing disease. But it is better to know the soonest possible. Then you can understand why he is confused, can not find proper words, gets angry very soon (stage that they realize something is wrong with them) mix up places and events, forget names of family members etc... And people also change in a different way. I knew a woman who was happy with everything all the time, and when I had work to do, I put her in an easy chair with cushions all over, put a fur toy in her hands and she looked to disney films the whole time. She never got up and started walking around and taking things, no, she kept looking at the tele. My husband on the contrary had always been a happy man, was never nervous or angry. But after a couple of years he turned out to be very aggressive, calling me names.. telling me that I had a lover, and lots more of ugly things. Fortunately by then I knew that he was not aware of what he was saying, so I was only very sad, but never angry with him. And that had been the case before I knew he had Alzheimer disease. So, I repeat, the sooner you know, the better. Wish you lots of strength and certainly don't wait too long for calling in some professional help by specialized people for washing him, clothing him, brushing his teeth, combing his hair etc.. Big hug from Belgium

JustMoi, you are describing very familiar things that go with the progression of dementia. It is very sad, but educate yourself on it, a lot of people recommend the Teepa Snow videos on the subject. Sorry this is happening, and glad she gets some pleasure out of life at least at the Senior Center! Check out any possible medical conditions that can be corrected that may contribute, and do much, much more gentle redirecting and distracting that arguing. It's hard. I have a feeling she is very blessed to have you in her life, even if she does not always realize it!

So my mother-in-law is a great lady.
At first she would speak and just forget what she was saying, then go onto another subject.
Flash now to 3 months later.....
-She says things, yet 5 min later doesn't remember saying it
-She loses things a lot
-She gets bitter/mad at my husband (she lives with us) because he tries to help her. I guess you always hurt the ones you love
-She wont bathe/shower. will go to sleep in her clothes
-She left her husband, didn't want to be with him, moved in with her oldest son
-Now she yells at her son telling him she doesn't want to be there. hates it there
-Next day she is fine

The thing that gets me: she went to a Family Doctor in town. He was floored that the son is doing it on his own (he does have a friend come in to watch her when he goes to work at times). The doctor said he was making an appt. for her to have a scan of her brain and analysis. THIS wont happen for a few weeks and the next specialist is a few months. So what do we do?

She has a place she goes to with other Seniors and she loves it.
She gets to sing, dance etc. that is 2-3 times a week. at least she gets out and meets some great people.

It's so sad. She used to be so independent.
She will lose things ie; purse, shoes and go on a rampage when she cant find them. sometimes those items are IN her hand.

Any advice?
We are in MISSOURI
Thanks :)

I was getting to the point where i was forgetting words, it scared me. My daughter told me to get a puzzle book and do some every day, that is what did and the problem went away. I still believe my friend brought on the dementia herself but than I believe we have control of most things that happen to us.

Nsaids & Ibuprofen and Naproxen, Motrin, as well as Tylenol have put me in cardiac arrest. BECAREFUL with drugs. I also suffered drug induced hepatitis from the use of these drugs. "They" found out that morphine is the only thing I can take with out any trouble. Right-like I'll live on MS-I think not.Just eating ginger daily will act as a natural anti-inflammatory. I suffer from crippling arthritics & if I do not get up & take my ginger & take it through out the day, I am in such pain but the ginger covers it all as well as it is so good for digestion. Why mess with drugs. We are such a pill popping society. So much can be done with natural ways. Just try 100% natural lemon oil on cold sores & they will be gone with in a matter of hours. It is not acidic. It works in just the opposite way.
We so need to get into eating correctly & away from all the medications we are given.
The large corporations that live off of the pills that society pops daily will not tell you this, but I will & it is scientifically backed up. Being in the medical profession, I have to back up what I say.
Taking meds to decrease inflammations is not the way I believe but to eat right.

Look at some of the commercials on TV about drugs with such nice music playing, beautiful pictures of happy people & even some movie stars that indorse the meds in the back ground while you are being told that this or that drug may cause death & an entire array of health problems?? Are we stupid???

This is not the way to prevent Dementia or Alzheimer diseases. EAT RIGHT. Educate yourself.

I don't think that much of Alzheimer's is fully preventable with current knowledge. She might have gotten lazy and done less because of the dementia rather than the other way around. They do think that staying mentally active and physically active helps reduce the risk of most kinds of dementia but its not totally clear how much. Possibly anything that reduces inflammation is good in this regard - eating well and moving more definitely do that, and there are some studies suggesting that use of aspirin or NSAIDs like ibuprofen and naproxen may be helpful that way. We need something better though, for sure!


My gripe is that one hears that Alzheimer's , at times,can be prevented. I look at all the well educated people and t hose who are still activity involved that get Alzheimer's and it bothers me, after all we had a president with the disease. Dementia, ay least the kind my friend had, could have been prevented. She was always lazy but as she aged she became more so, she didn't want to go for walks, she had never been reader and spent most of her time watching TV. She cooked less and less and while never a good housekeeper it became worse. I am an old woman and there is always the possibly of Alzheimer's but no dementia, not if I can help