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Loss of Coordination Articles

Falling poses a significant threat to a senior's health. Water-soaked bathtubs and hidden patches of black ice may be the go-to suspects when it comes to senior falls, but recent research suggests slippery surfaces may not be the main cause of these tumbles.

Water-based workouts are an excellent form of exercise that is easy on seniors’ backs and joints, but there’s more to water walking and swimming laps than just physical benefits.

UTIs are often difficult to detect in seniors, but early diagnosis can prevent serious complications. Know the age-related symptoms to look for and learn how to reduce the risk of infection.

People with Alzheimer's (AD) do not actually die from the disease itself. Although the most noticeable symptoms are cognitive impairment, AD weakens the body and the immune system in many ways that can leave patients vulnerable to secondary complications like pneumonia, various types of organ failure, and heart attacks.