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Incontinence and Bladder Control


I read a comment where a loved one is soaked too often. My mother has a cell phone (govt issued) which I set the alarm every hour from 7 am to 7 pm. This reminds her to check herself for wetness. Another tool to help her with independence.

I re-arranged my mother bedroom so that she can close her bedroom door on her own while on her portable commode for privacy. A shoe rack with pockets hangs on the back of the door with pull ups, disposable chucks, baby wipes, baby powder, exercise tools, small garbage bags, etc. Next to this is her portable commode. Arm next to the bed is down and left rail to the hospital bed is off. A rubber exercise mat is used as a rug for no fall protection. She can stand and pivot and I can stand by for "just in case." This set up allows her independence, which from a caregiver view, is worth its weight in gold. Garbage can near commode is so Everything goes in, thereby when emptying pan, nothing is in contents to clog the main toilet.

We use MoliCare Mobile for my grandma in the UK. It's like a pull up pants but bigger and more absorbent. We started with pads that go in the pants but they weren't doing the job any more. The doc told us that the pads were why she was getting urine infections because they don't hold enough. We wanted to use something more absorbent (like a nappy / diaper) but she won't wear them. She is 91 and has bad dementia, which can lead to her getting aggressive. Until we found the pants she was, erm, hard to deal with. But since she can manage the pants her self it's been much easier, just need to stop her putting them in the washing machine.

I have a question about incontinance in the elderly. My mother will be 95 in May. I have noticed the past few days that she is not changing her pads/Depends and allowing them to become soaked; not to the point where they leak but to the point where it could cause an infection. When I asked her about it, she told me that she wasn;t aware that it was soaked.
This has me very concerned tonight, and I was wondering if any of you had experience with this kind of behavior before. She has had many issue involving cognition, but to not be aware of the wet feeling has me very worried...any advice would be so greatly appreciated! Thanks so very much ~ Nancy

it really sounds difficult, taking care of your elderly parents. my mum is taking care of my grandma she is 90. i am 36 and i want to be a care assistant my sympathy go's out to you all.

robert888 ~ I hope this helps as you helped me in an earlier post. My husband has a similar situation only he can't get out of bed or go to the bathroom without assistance. While in the hospital (many times) we've acquired plastic urinal containers/bottles that really work great for him. I carry one in the car all the time and it saves me having to get him into restrooms when traveling. He even uses it during the day as it is less messy and I can just dump it into the toilet. At night he just uses it lying on his back and I always have a bed pad under him. Then I have to get up to empty it which usually doesn't wake me that much and I often have to get up for myself anyway. Originally, he could set the container on the bedside table but he has problems sensing where things are and he can't see well so this works fine. I take it from him. We've only had a few 'accidents' where he either wasn't inside the neck of the container or one time I accidentily spilled the bottle. Anyway, it saves night trips to the bathroom which would really hinder my sleep and be difficult for both of us. I hope this helps. I'm sure you can get them from any medical supply but the hospitals supply them and you can keep them. RSuzyJ

You mother needs to wear a overnight brief. ABENA X-Plus is the most absorbent on the market. The product hold over 4000 ml of liquid and will keep your mother dry for up to 8 hours.
Check out kck medical website for information.

Good point about the bladder infections! I was totally unaware of how "crazy" a elderly person's behavior can become because of a UTI! I thought she had slipped into a deep state of dementia when my mom had a UTI! If you notice confusion, (even if it's slight) weird behavior, smelly urine get your loved one to a doctor asap to get a urinalysis! The nursing home where my mother was for rehab really didn't work at keeping her dry and she had two infections in 6 weeks! She is now in assisted living with great caretakers (what a blessing!) and I am diligent about them keeping her clean and dry. I purchased the big disposable cleansing cloths by the case so the aids can use as many as they need to in order to keep her bottom clean! She gets a tad lazy about going into the bathroom at times but who can blame her? 84 years old and very arthritic-it's a chore to just move about. I also am going to try a aloe wash specifically for perineal cleansing in hopes to keep the area clean! Thank you to all who take the time to write in suggestions! It's so nice to know I'm not alone!

I am now caring for my husband who has Parkinson's disease and his occasional incontinence during the day is being helped my many great suggestions from readers here....use of bed pads on furniture, the poise pad sounds good, and will have a doctor appointment soon to get a prostate check. So, this comment is not regarding him but I want to make a comment for all of you taking care of your wonderful moms - Bless You ALL! My mom passed away at age 86 in a nursing home situation where she also was wet much of the time through the 'depends'. The staff was not good about keeping her changed often and my sister who lived near her, did her best to visit and do laundry regularly, however, constant wetness resulted in many bladder infections and eventually she had other systemic infections as she was also diabetic. My advice is to be sure to look for signs of bladder infections if your parent is soaked often - even if only at night, and ask regularly if there is any pain when urinating or feeling of illness overall, etc. I would also like to know what a pessary is? That might have helped my mom, although prior to being in the nursing home, she had never had any urinary problems. Thanks everyone! RSuzyJ


I buy Molicare diapers for my mom, using one at night with a depend over it to keep it in place. We don't have to change bedding now except for the usual weekly routine. Molicare is more expensive but worth it, as it saves effort, water and the aggravation of nightly incontinence. http://www.molicare.org