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When Home Care Isn’t Enough: Evaluating Senior Living Options


I think it's definitely good to know the different options you have when it comes to finding senior care for a loved one. You're definitely right about the guilt of putting someone in a home when they've promised never to do so. My mom recently told me that she actually wants to be put in a nursing home. She lives alone and pretty far from family, so she's lonely. Hopefully we can find a good senior living facility for her!

I think this is a great article and very informational.

Plan and do your research.
Here's a reminder for all who seeks for lng term care facilties:
There are nursing homes that are surprisingly cheaper than the others. They even offer great deals and promos which can sound too good to be true. No matter how good their deals may be, always remember that they are cheap for a reason. Some nursing homes cost less because they offer less. They have fewer accommodations and are lower in quality.
Getting fooled by these nursing homes can be avoided by getting referrals which happen to be very useful when it comes to sorting out the high quality nursing homes from those that senior citizens should not be staying at.

I moved into an independent living facility three weeks ago and I hate it. Most of the people have walkers, a lot can't hear and there are quite a few with dementia . I'd just as soon be dead.

No senior wants to be in ALF if they can manage to enjoy their life in their home. Most Americans can't afford high quality nursing homes or ALF either.
Most elders live in nursing homes or assisted living facilities for 3.5 yrs or less and they do go after they are unable to manage in their homes.

While there are good facilities for the wealthy, thinking the average working class, poor or lower middle class will be housed in one--not realistic.

I would suggest getting a LTC policy and remaining in your home or apartment with help. Yes they are costly policies but the peace of mind of help in your own home, help you can select and dismiss if not up to par----it's priceless.

As mentioned in the blog ,moving out of home that they have lived in for so long and where they have created many memories. is not easy for seniors but things can sure be made easier by planning and research.Most seniors think that nursing home is the only option.This blog helps the seniors and their family members to be aware of other options like assisted living facilities, family group homes, independent senior living facilities, skilled nursing facilities,Planning includes researching each type of facility.A place where the person maintains the most independence and which will be able to accommodate the person's current and future needs.

This article adequately discusses where we are in senior care options. However, a newbie on the block is senior day care programs which I think will gain in popularity going forward.

We need to provide people the ability to age in place (their home). With 79 million baby boomers aging as we speak, as a nation we do not have enough assisted living or nursing home space available. The vast majority of the boomers will age in place due to lack of money in retirement and lack of such facilities. We already made that decision as a nation when we failed to maintain
defined benefit pensions and when we failed to prepare for the biggest generation's retirement. As a nation we have had since 1946 to prepare but did not choose to do so.

I'm a retired, independent professional business woman in my mid 70's, working artist - outdoor nature photographer, and independent senior currently living in FL, in a HUD Independent Living Apartment, Aging In Place community, but want to relocate back to the No. CAL area, preferably to the Sacramento area for convenience in traveling to Reno, San Francisco, and Napa - Sonoma areas. Access to public transportation is a must as I use the services frequently. I spent 30 plus years in So. and No. CA so am not new to the areas. I prefer the weather there to the FL summers. I have family members in So. CA, however I plan on maintaining my separate and independent lifestyle in a similar independent senior community. I want to relocate to a property with minimal amenities where I manage my own utilities, and that gives me the freedom to pursue my art, photography, and day trip travels on my schedules. Not schedules that someone else has set up for me.

esto en realidad hay que analizarle muy bien pues en los casa en florida en los ultimos anos se an encontrado casos muy ororosas con los ancianos y estos han sido publicados en este estado por la prernsa casa de cuidados de ancianos y otros centros la tercera edad en este paois devia ser mas fructifera para quien lo ha entregado todo y al llegar a vejes solo se le ve con el objeto de mejor negacio . en realidad analizar si es esto lo que queremos para nosotros al llegar a la vejes .
quisiera tener mas informacion sobre esto simplemente para saver que escoger y por que decidir mejor


I want to know about adult foster homes but can't seem to find the info. How much do they cost basically? Dad is not ready for a nursing home by any means but can't cook or remember take meds so I am thinking that might be an alternative. thanks!