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The Home-Based VA Care Program


we never heard anymore from Ruth Anne, did we? seems like that type thing happens often, but here I am back after 2 yrs., seems a year ago hub's uncle was diagnosed with Parkinson's, so maybe he's actually had that rather than vascular dementia or maybe it's caused the Parkinson's, as someone on another group said more and more evidence of that being the case; anyway now 3, almost 4 yrs. after being told by home PT that he did have then, not to go outside because of falling, he had a "good day" couple weeks ago and did exactly that, still not sure if aunt saw him or not, and fell and this time broke his collarbone and 5 ribs, pain so bad he went to hospital and was admitted; yesterday he went to rehab for pt again, will see how it goes, home pt stopped theirs saying he was not improveable but that was at home so will see how he does at rehab and if and if so, what then re coming home

We have just begun this program and it is WONDERFUL. The staff has all been very professional, caring, and informative. So thankful for this blessing.

We have just begun participating in this program and it is WONDERFUL. So very thankful.

Their are Many benefits avail. for veterans . I am amazed how many vets have no idea . Go here -- https://www.ebenefits.va.gov/ebenefits/homepage. All vets and families MUST check out!

actually today it seems they've upped the distance limit to 40 miles but it seems they're putting more emphasis on the turnaround appointment time, which is a nothing in our case because we never make appointments anyway; they do that and they never schedule them more than 30 days out anyway, which seemed to upset them; hope don't cause a problem; they were going to call the clinic to find out what that was about; just thought that was a new way of doing things but maybe they're wanting to go back to the way it was before, in a way, but then would definitely be more than 30 days out, unless they want everybody seen every month?

From what I understand, there are two criteria: distance and turnaround time for the appointment in question. If you cannot get an appointment with the VA for 30 days or more, you're eligible to use Vet's Choice.

but at least you had the choice, since you are over the 35 mile limit - they're telling us/them they don't even have the choice, assuming they don't consider them over the limit

We're about 40 miles from the East Orange hospital. Trips up there required at least a half day off from work. Turned out that it was just easier to stick with the appointment at that facility instead of dealing with the Vet's Choice people.

drummergirl, how far are you from the VA facility?


debdaughter, gee I don't know. It's possible. All I know is that the Caregiver Help Line rep had a Care Coordinator call me the next day, and it was she who got me in touch with the staff at the HBPC team. That team also includes a coordinator, who works with the PCP (nurse practitioner) and other members of that particular team.

About the Veteran's Choice - yes, I have some experience with that program. At first, my dad's prostate biopsy was to have been done closer to us (due to distance) but dealing with them (and having to verify my identity as DPOA, EVERY TIME I CALLED) turned out to be a bit of a hassle.

We ended up returning to the VA to have it done within the East Orange facility. It was just simpler to keep it within the VA. The VA has a wonderful centralized information system, with all records at a glance. SUPER convenient.