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Getting the Family to Agree on a Care Plan for an Older Adult


Thank you for the article! At the suggestion of my therapist, I am trying to organize such a meeting with my 2 older siblings. I am the "baby" and the one who lives my mother now going on 4 years (since my father passed away). It was never "planned" for me to live here and be her caretaker, it just worked into such a role. I struggle with resentment towards my sister and brother for many reasons revolving around this situation, but I am trying to keep that separate from the issue of what's best for mom. Her care is top priority and our issues as siblings can certainly wait. I have always been viewed as "the baby," therefore, my opinions or input has never been taken seriously. Thanks to my therapist, she has offered a mediated conversation between my siblings and I regarding working together on a plan for mom's care, allowing my "adult voice" (as she calls it) to be heard. I am the one who interacts with our mom on a daily basis and I see so many things that they don't, such as the onset of dementia (anger outbursts, forgetfulness, paranoia etc). I have invited my sister via text/email, but have not heard from her as of yet. Cross your fingers for me and wish me luck!

Good idea to involve the whole family early to choose and let your elderly relative help choose the home care provider carefully or the Residential care home, it's not about brand (although it helps), it's about the people who will be giving the care, the person recovering/receiving care needs to use their intuition, if they have a bad feeling about the person providing the care, speak up and ask for someone else.
The business were in loved with "My SOS Family" which meets lots of elderly and their family always advices that the independence and dignity of the elderly are a priority, they need to be involved every step and that's why they've created a personal alarm pendant that helps them stay connected to their loved ones.

Good suggestions. Problem is when one person wields all the legal power... :(


I would say the best thing to do is keep the elder at home with family. Cause I have seen to many bad things happen involving nursing homes. If sedative overdoses and powerful drugs like haldol are banned then maybe nursing homes could be safer but I'm still not sure I would trust one at all