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Another World: People With Alzheimer's Share Their Perspectives


This is so important for caregivers to read. Esp. The fact they cannot live in our world so we caregivers must change because we can.

I am relieved to know someone with Alzheimer's communicates about his disease. My mom was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's and has no idea she was diagnosed. Should I sit down and tell her about her disease or should I just leave things alone. She is taking medicine which we call her memory pill. She trusts me most of the time but is a bit leary.

Keep on doing the dance. We are each other's ,"Stairway To Heaven", literally.
This is my opinion. Your Blessings....

Very helpful information considering that someone who is going through this disease is being a blessing to others who are struggling to understand it. It's really hard to see a loved one that once was so strong and independent become trapped in between 2 different worlds or so it seems. Really thankful for the insight that was given about this disease and I plan to keep educating myself and siblings. Sometimes it's so easy to get caught in your own feelings and it makes it difficult to provide the support that your loved one needs. Just going to try to take each day one at a time and thank God that my loved one is still here. =) God Bless


This article is such a good resource for me. My mom has Alzheimer's and I so often wonder how it feels, etc. This answers that question in a way she never could. I really appreciate what you gentlemen are doing and wish you both peace and blessings. Thanks very much!