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What are "Advance Care Directives?"


Type error parents said when they pass away they have not passed away both very old in age they called me to tell me that and it hurt why couldn't they just die and let me find out about it

I grew up in a very religious household of Jehovah Witnesses and which I believe was a cult religion we were told we had to do everything the Elvis child told us to do or God would strike us dead and we would burn in hell my brother took advantage of that and molested me and my sister I left home because I saw my sister become pregnant and have his child and I did not want that to be me I had to leave at a very young age around 14 my parents still continue to claim me on their taxes and everything to get credit to whatever they could from the government for both of their houses they even asked my husband to use his income to make the income look bigger to get the house they brought on the cape I've been in therapy just about all my life and my ins s as I age is really affecting my quality of living my relationship so I am addressing it with a counselor spoke to my mother about it she became very upset and told me her phone my father and her would not leave me or my children $0.01 because I should have kept that business in the family they are using their property and the value and what I'm entitled to my 1/5 being the Third of five children and what sold to me because I didn't stay in place in my life where I couldn't be comfortable and function I had to tell and it took them out of their comfort zone and they are using that as leverage against me what can I do I don't deserve this I didn't deserve to be molested I made it through the fire I have a master's degree I have three children to with college degrees yes I was determined not to give them my life but why should I have to pay because I couldn't continue to keep your secret because it was killing me please help me legally professionally somebody anybody

My parents have both passed away I come to find out they left my Brown Brothers two younger brothers power of attorney and told them don't sell either of the houses they own keep them in the family so somebody will always we have somewhere to live in the family however they know I have no interest in the property because I have property of my own how can I go about getting my share of the property because I nor my children or grandchildren will never need to use the property and I believe that is the reason my parents did that they think I am financially well-off as well as my children and that is not fair and I want to know is there anything that I can do about that can I sue my siblings 4 my one fifth of the property there are five of us I am the only one that is college educated Beyond master's degree level my sister's a drug addict my brother's a alcoholic my other brother is a recovering drug addict and my other brother gets a friend I Come From A Dysfunctional Family all that the secret of incest out and I think I am being punished for that what the hell should or could I do this is not fair

Each state establishes their own cognitive tests to determine is a person is able to decide what is best for their care. Ohio states that if a person can say their birth date and SSN, they are mentally capable of this decision. However, this falls short when caregivers are responsible for the person's (s') safety. Pretty much the elderly get their way, they return to their homes and all involved wait for a serious enough fall to take place whereby the person must go for rehab, remaining in the care center. One clearly should check out their state laws before deciding where to retire.


Health is facing a great turmoil and crisis in these days of fast moving world of uncertainity so an Advance Health care planning is the present requisit of to days man .We must reduce NEGATIVE EMOTIONS and increase POSITIVE EMOTIONS