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Caring for A Senior With Alzheimer's At Home


Most often, AD is diagnosed in people over 65 years of age, although the less-prevalent early-onset Alzheimer's can occur much earlier. In 2006, there were 26.6 million sufferers worldwide. Alzheimer's is predicted to affect 1 in 85 people globally by 2050..
In supported living centers or the independent living centers many seniors are suffering from this disease. When AD is suspected, the diagnosis is usually confirmed with tests that evaluate behaviour and thinking abilities, often followed by a brain scan if available...

My father had cancer of the brain and he had gotten really combative, and they put him in a state mental hospital, I know you probably do not want to do that, but you need to think of your son and yourself. My prayers are with you

Contact your local, state and federal legislators to ask for their assistance in finding a safe environment in a community or facility setting where staff attending to your Dad have received behavioral and geriatric training.

My mom is now in the later stages of this dreaded disease. She did go thru the combative stage which is when I had to work with her doctor to get her on the right meds to calm her down so she could interact with people. Not sure where you live but Elder services in Ma are great and have wonderful resourses, if you do not live in Ma ask your dads doctor
or call the town there is help out there. Just hard to fine.
I still have my mom at home I just got hospice in and they are sadly not working out but when one plan fails I just go to the next. Good Luck

Thanks so much for such fast response, No my dad was never in the military and I've been on the phone and computer for 7 day's and night calling or sending emails to anyone that would listen, I was really disappointed when I contacted an Alzheimer association and he told me contact an attorney because he had no answers... as of right now everyone has denied me help.... I will listen to and try any advise that anyone may have, I will call who ever needed to get help... Desperate and willing to try anything...!!!!!!!!!

There are wonderful geriatric behavioral health floors in some hospitals. They have been "through it all" and know how to help your loved one. Choose one with state of the art imaging machines on site. The more they know, the better they can treat your Dad. Jordan Hospital in Plymouth MA was wonderful.....extremely knowledgeable and helpful.
There are medications out there that can help without "doping" up the patient. It may take a week or two in the hospital, but you will notice a difference and they will help place him where he...and you.. are most comfortable.

I don't know what state your in. You need to contact elder care services for your area. Contact Medicaid if you haven't already done so. Was he in the armed services. If so contact the Department of Veteren Affairs. There is help out there, you just have to search for it. Call now! Tell them exactly what is going on. My mom has alzheimers too. It is so hard to watch them deteriorate. I will pray for you and your family. Hang in there.


What do u do with an Alzheimer patent when their ability to respond or understand anything that has to do with using their brain no-longer works and no nursing home or any facility will take him because he's 6 foot tall 210 lbs and very strong, and he's very young "only 68" in the last stages of this decease, ? The brain Is gone it's just now a body driving down the road with no one behind the wheel, Its a run a way body, that never sleeps and never sits down, he's like the energize bunny but I call him the supergize bunny. He's in a government facility right now as I m writing this but I received a call this morning that I have to pick him up that they have done all they can for him, And I have power of attorney over him and it's my responsibility / problem And they have only had him as of today 7 days and their wore out,. I've kept him for over 5 yrs now and never wanted him put with strangers, I wanted to take care of my father and help him with every fiber of my being until his journey home with JESUS..where he is in this decease is so bad that I can't take care of him with out being in danger but more so putting him in danger.. I'm 46 yrs old and not very healthy myself and now I'm very lost on what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Signed broken hearted......
PLEASE SOMEONE HELP.....THEY WANT ME TO PICK HIM UP TODAY 6-9-2010, HE beat up my son a week ago and I had to have him backer acted that's why he got put in the government facility and was taken there by a police offerers , how can i bring him back here and put my son's life in danger as well as my father.................. I'M SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!