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Can I Claim My Elderly Loved One as a Dependent on My Taxes?


This article is at least ten years old judging from the fact that some of the comments are from ten years ago. Starting in 2018 there is no dependent deduction. The only possible tax benefit would be an itemized deduction for medical expenses that exceed 7.5% of income for the next two years and 10% after that.

How to claim my small grandchildren

does my Mother need to fie if we are using her as a dependent? I am her caregiver.

We pay my MIL 400 dollars a month. Over time we've also paid for things like cell phones, housecleaning and other things to keep her from having to pay out of pocket. She doesn't live with us but if we didn't give her the money she would have a hard time making ends meet. None of the other siblings financially contribute. What I'm not sure about is how much money she gets from her monthly check...but I know it's not a lot. We don't like asking her her personal income amount but it is about 5000 dollars a year we are giving. I'd like to be able to take a write off, so I guess we should bring this up to our tax preparer. At the same time though, wouldn't this be considered "income" for her, and then the IRS would make her pay taxes on it?? Just curious.

Mom lives with me. Has dementia. Her income is $18k+ That helps with rent and her insurances, etc. Not much else. She receives a CSA-1099R for her retirement Annuity payments. Can I claim her as a dependent. She didn't live with me until Dec 2016 which cut the mileage and gas on my car.

My Mom and Dad have always lived by themselves in my childhood home. Last year I lost my mom. My dad is 81 and will not move from his home. I live 40miles away. He only has his income and a 250 usd pm retirement check coming in from his 401k. Both are directed straight to his bank account. Me and my wife pay all of his utilities from this. However we pay 20k more for upkeep on his home, Fuel / wear and tear on my vehicles traveling back and forth, Groceries and housekeepers. It is very difficult for me and my family. Can I claim him as a dependant to try a recover some of the cost.

What's the formula for taking a tax deduction for a parent that lives with me and my wife?

Very Helpful, thank you. I am actually wanting to see if someone can lead me towards a list of daily functions/care there are for taking care of an elderly sister, 85 years old. Just even a guideline.

Living in Virginia, I was told I would be paid about a thousand dollars a month to provide care for my mother though Medicare. I sent in my hours for several months. Long story short I received six checks, as reported to irs I had 6000 as income, however my mother had a copay of one thousand per month. So I ended up with a stack of checks written to me for 00.00 dollars. I paid her copay, as it was deducted from my check. It is just one more crule act that comes from being a caregiver. You can not trust what anyone says, no matter who they are.


My 99 yr old mother lives in a senior residential care home, which I help pay for.
Her SS income only covers a third of the cost, and I pay the balance. Can I claim her as my dependent on my tax return without affecting her eligibility of MediCal? She is current qualified under the Aged and Disabled Federal Poverty Level Program. I pay the care-home directly. Thank you, Helen