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High Blood Pressure: Guidelines and Treatments for Seniors


Eating properly and exercising helped to bring my Hypertensive High Blood pressure to normal.

Why is my blood pressure higher when asleep and within minutes of getting up my pressure goes down? My Doctors can't answer my question.

Took ace inhibitor for years...felt great....frequent 120/80 until manuf changed...reaction...switched to angiotensen receptor..less effective..now avg 140/90...told good for senior..up to 150/90.I am 73-female...now get frequent headaches, nauseau, dizzy...as numbers go up....feel very bad...when at 120-129 feel great !! Especially at 120...told too low...do not understand why insistence upon number rigidity without consideration for how I feel...any comments welcome.

My BP fell from 168/106 2007
down to
BP 144/77 2016 (aged 64) w/o pharmaceuticals. I'd don't much better though

I am 57, my recent (yesterday) blood pressure check results were 146/73. I was shocked since I am on a very low dose blood pressure medication. I was told that is GREAT for my age. No concern there. Is this true? and why just 2 years ago a different doctor said it is NOT great... and we got it down to 128 - 132.

The Harvard article points out that "Older frail adults might benefit from slightly higher blood pressure". In their study there was a difference between older FRAIL adults and older adults who are not frail. I think it is important to note this difference. From WebMD "Among older patients, the evidence isn't yet clear that the pros outweigh the cons of treating it in the 140-160 range." Another article quoted an upper number (systolic BP) as being ok for seniors up to150. I think there is still room for research in this area, to identify what optimal for who.

I, at 77, am reasonably healthy and can walk for miles, and keep my BP below 140/80 without drugs. A frail adult my age probably could do with a higher BP. One issue about a lower BP in seniors is the fall risk.

My doctor said 130-140 over 80 is okay for my94 yr old mother.

key points on hypertension

I just heard from a friend that the latest blood pressure for senior citizens as of Sept. 3rd, 2014 should actually be in the higher range, 140-160 over 80-90.


Thanks for sharing these insightful pointers with us.

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