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It is truly common for items to be missing, etc. Happens all the time, unfortunately - but that doesn't make it right. My mother lives at a facility and often some of her clothing is missing; but never all of it - that is not right. Do you live close enough to your mother to do her laundry so it doesn't have to be done there? My mother lives 2 hours away; so I'm unable to do her laundry on a regular basis.

In my mother's case; she often decides she wants to give clothing away - she has dementia - or she throws items away if she wants something new. The nurses take it and put it in a bag in a back room. They have even found things in the waste basket and taken them out and washed and returned.

It is so frustrating; especially the socks. She has swollen ankles and I have to buy her diabetic socks and they are expensive; her name is on everything with a permanent sharpie pen - but, still things get lost. And anyone I have ever talked to has the same problem, unfortunately.
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Thank you Nancy H, I put my Mothers name in everything right down to her socks with permanent red marker,and when i say the took everything I mean it. and the depressed state it left my mother in is terrible.Im going to do my best to report them to any and everyone i can,and also get her out of there as soon as possible.any help or advice will be apreciated
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The first thing the nursing home told us when we had to put my mother-in-law in there temporarily for her rehab, was to label ALL her clothes. We bought a pen that was washable and I initialed all her clothes. I'm really surprised they never told you to do that. There were a few occasions that I actually did hunt down a few items that was given to someone else. So I would say if you have to, start looking around for yourself and see if you can locate some of the clothing. It's a pain, but the people that are living there, are probably not gonna care at this point in their lives if you spot a blouse that's in the wrong room and take it.
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