How can I get her to stop driving?

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She had someone come and get her car and fix it, she leaves her house everyday around 4-5 pmmy mom does not believe her memory is getting worse, her doctor have warned her against driving, I had the car disabled for about 4 months.

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Go to your Motor Vehicle office and sign the form requesting driver review. Do it today.
Go to the motor vehicle office to relinquish her driver's license in place of an identification card is the ideal situation.
We unplugged a battery cable on moms car. She couldn't figure out how to start car and gave up after a few weeks of trying and never asked again. It was tough for a few weeks putting off 'fixing her car' but luckily it worked for us!
We disabled my grandfathers car after he almost ran over the grandkids. He has dementia and weak legs. I told him he would not want to kill someone because he isnt able to drive safely. He still was mad but thought his car was just in need of repair. We have to keep the public safe when we see a dangerous situation.
take car in for a false check up and move it somewhere she will not be able to get to it if possible. getting a licence taken away doesn't stop some people and the ID cards look similar at least in my state. my state you can report w/o telling them your name or dr. can do it.
Did her doctor do a MMSE or MoCa test to determine her cognitive level. That is a good way for her doctor to prove she doesn't have the ability to do a task like driving. Even though you can be made to feel like the villain are actually the savior. Think not of taking something from her but of saving the lives of others. Until you've been in a car accident (if you love) you've no idea what it does to someone mentally let alone physically. Ask me how I know.
I meant to type "if you live" not love....sorry
If you have an attorney see if they can assist you. My Dad, after being diagnosed with ALZ and passing the doctor ordered drivers exam still continued to drive. We finally asked his attorney to explain to him the ALL the financial liabilities that could happen if Dad had an accident . Dad handed over his keys that day. Great ideas about removing the car as well.
Dr. can inform motor vehicles. First, take the keys. Keep them hidden away from where she lives. I agree with others: She will be angry. That is o.k. She will simmer down and forget about the car. Maybe give her phone # of Taxi Co. and leave some small bills to pay for taxi. She won't feel so isolated;imprisoned.
I took my husband's keys and hid them. He whined.

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