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I'm getting creative with what's in the freezer and cupboard. Last night I went to cook some steak I took out, only to realize it was lamb shoulder chops. I sautéed the lamb in a skillet, it turned out well enough. I made some quinoa and brown rice. I made green beans and corn. If I REALLY wanted to, I could stretch out what I already have for a bit yet before doing any shopping but I'm already pining for fresh veggies and fruits. I'll go get food tomorrow after new PCP appointment. We're up to around 10º today, not bad. Might go up to near 30 by end of the week, so no record cold streak if that happens. Seems like we're on the way to ending the deep freeze.
Fast and easy comfort food tonight, KD (that's kraft mac & cheese to you Americans) with lentil sloppy joes. Must. not. eat. whole. box... mmmm
CWillie, of course you can eat the whole box. Usually when I do that I eat nothing else that day though. :O
Isn't a box a serving for one?

I need alt her See's chocolate Santa
Here in México, they have camoteros who sell steamed sweet potatoes and/or bananas. They have a little rolling cart with a fire under the oven. They roll around the neighborhoods at night, calling with a train whistle sound from the smoke stack. You can hear it a block away when they release the steam.
Pieces of skinless sweet potato (or banana) are served with La Lechera, Mexico's version of sweetened condensed milk. The Mexicans eat it as a dessert. Good deal for around $1.50.
I think you'd enjoy it! 😋

Same thing with tamaleros selling tamales. Often the flavor is good but there's not quite enough meat inside.
If you're ever over here in TJ, I recommend a tamal stand on Calle Tercera (Third St.) They steam theirs in banana leaf (my favorite) instead of dried corn husks. They have loads of meat and sauce in them. One makes a meal. Good deal at $1.75.

We should do lunch!
🌮 🌯 🍻 😋 🇲🇽
I think I'll be going to my fav Mexican restaurant tonight and get some albondigas and a mango margarita
Last night, beef stroganoff with noodles and broccoli.
Tonight "Mexican" beef stew (my own concoction) regular beef stew with Chili California peppers and chipotle chilies (seeded) with birote (a baguette). (Hubs will still add half a bottle of hot sauce, sigh.)
Sue....I couldn't touch your "Mexican" Beef stew with a ten foot pole,but last night you served my favorite dinner ever and Mother made it and served it every year on my Birthday....Your Beef Stroganoff! Yum!!! Do you have any leftovers?
Just had to say that I am in awe of all of you who are making delicious, nutritious meals. One of my major failures, as a caregiver and as a human being, is that I really hate cooking and I suck at it. When my daughter was home for college for break, three times I tried to bake cookies, and three times they turned out inedible. Fortunately my mother is very undemanding about meals.

If not for family, I'd live on fresh fruits and veggies, and convenience food, and nothing in between, and would use the oven for storage space.
To me, cooking should be a spectator sport!
There was a long line at in n out tonite.
You have heard they have free cocoa?
Asked the guy to explain whyyyyyy I could not have any.
Apparently, you must be 12, it says in the fine print.

The loooong line was all behind me, waiting to pay.
Asked hubs why the next window people were staring down here?
I was not done talking...o well.

No hot chocolate for me, it does not work even if you act like 12. Mwah ha ha!

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