My "whine moment today". What's yours?

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At least your eyesight and sense of humor are intact Susan
I hear you, Susan. 'Wish it described JUST my desk.. There's a trail of such stuff from the back door through the kitchen, dining room and into the bedroom where my computer sits waiting for something to fall onto the floor. Hopefully, once a week I clear it all off and dust a bit - and I am retired. I am the only one it bothers, so there's no incentive but when it gets bad enough, boy, can I move! Or if I get angry about something - anything - I am a whirlwind.. Or, if we are expecting visitors,
My excuse is that I have outdoor work that I would rather do and it is more important - yeah, that's the ticket - it's more important to cut the grass, etc.. After over 70 years of dusting, cleaning, cooking, etc., it gets boring and the feeling of power behind the wheel of a big green and yellow John Deere just invigorates me and gets me out of that cluttered house!! (trouble is I have to go through the cluttered garage to get out to the 'barn' for the Deere one..) and back again. But then I am just too tired to give a dern and settle down with my latest mystery after settling hubby into bed..
LoisCorrine, there's a post I saw on Facebook that applies here - something about getting more cleaning done in the 10 minutes before guests arrive than I get done all week. Boy, do I know that one!
I m new to the group...I want to whine bc My mothers Alzheimers is driving me NUTS ! THE Home Health care nurse said quote "Alzheimer' here".Like its an ghost ..
Hehe.... sounds like the same afflictions are effecting me as well !!

I'd rather be outside puttering than inside cleaning ... I'd rather be doing most anything than cleaning inside for that matter!! Unless.... people are stopping by then it's WHIRLWIND CITY! haha.... mom has become accustomed to that mode of action. Even if no one is stopping by and that rare clean bug hit's me, she asks every other second "is someone coming over"? LOL! I feel a skosh embarrassed that my Alzheimer's mother is able to recognize my lack of cleaning unless folks are popping by!! oh well...
First of all, I am so relieved to know there is an active community of people to talk to about things like this.. this is not easy for any of us, and we all must take one day at a time! This is my first post here, and well, seeing you all post things at least somewhat relateable alleviates some kind of stress, huh :)?
My whine today is just about home care. My mother receives home care, which often seems unreliable! It's very frustrating when you seek some extra help that actually induces extra stress!! I have to train many people who come in to this house how to properly get my mother out of bed, washed, etc... the terrified look on some of these home care worker's faces!! My mother must have assistance with most daily living and some of these people seem shocked! We have had various caregiver this month... still looking to find a dependable one who can take on the responsibility. I find it very hard to separate my life from my mother's, seeing as she lives with me and I take care of her.. it's hard to find your own time!! glad to get that out!
Welcome braziliansun! Looking forward to seeing more from you soon. We're all in this together!
Welcome Braziliansun!! Are you from Brazil? Someplace nice, sunny with beautiful beaches?? sigh

Early wine...wait, whine today. Rough morning already...she started at 5:00 a.m. scared and lost, kept waking me up, kept reassuring her and walking the 10 steps back to her room. 5 times later I decided to just stay up. She's been off more than usual since.... following my every move, so much so I turned around abruptly and almost knocked her flat! Finally got her soaking in the tub... 3 days ago it was no problem, today she forgot how to sit down. Water is too hot, too cold.... it feels like my once finally productive day was shot down. Doesn't matter what I start doing there is something wrong so in order to keep her calm and my calm, I have to do basically nothing.

Her 79th birthday is May 11th which is also mother's day :)) I want to do something fun and nice for her. A friend suggested we do something here at this house....uh NO! It would be way to much work for me. When we celebrated her mom's birthday we all went had a couple of wines and danced with some elderly men. She had a blast! Not going to work myself cooking, cleaning and hostessing... I suggested we all go bowling, at least it would give the adults something to do while the others sat, chatted, ate, drank and be merry... I don't want to be unappreciative to my friend and her suggestion as she's the ONLY friend I have here.... but....she didn't like my bowling idea, said her 83 year old mom on 100 % oxygen would not find that fun.... she spent her birthday pulling on the slot machine and blew through 100.00 bucks. Sigh.

Wine over....gonna try this all over again
Aw, Jeanette....

You *need* a glass of wine for that whine! It sounds like you had such a rough day with Mom. Sounds like her dementia is getting she due for a doctor visit soon to discuss that, or can you make one?

I hope you can do something fun with her on Sunday. I'm taking Mom out for our normal Sunday breakfast, then coming home to work for a bit, then maybe taking her for a ride or something...maybe to one of the big lakes, since she loves them so much.
Wow, Lois, You and I are the same person! (Hee hee)! blou

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