My "whine moment today". What's yours?

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No, definitely don't want to borrow any trouble!

Spring has finally arrived full force with the high's in the mid 80's today. Waiting 6 months for this to happen was torture being trapped in this house. Now...we are just trapped in the back yard . I wish my mom would also enjoy doing social things without me being present. OR better yet, not be so unwilling to go places or do things outside of here!! We could ride over to the coast and visit my Aunt and Uncle (her brother whom she doesn't remember so she just flirts with him)...go by the Casino for a quick million.... take the dogs for a nice walk along the river...GO FISHING!! Better yet, take mom to Florida for a few weeks so I can visit my son/friends and other family. There has been this big vice grip on my chest and a lump in my throat for days now. Its like I'd almost rather it was still cold and rainy so it wasn't so easy to get depressed about not being able to do those things.

Haven't seen nor heard from my brothers in 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS!! Next time they call and ask if WE want to go out for dinner.... nah, they can take ma and visit with her, take her out to eat, she misses them much more than I do. I'd like to think they feel a bit guilty....but that would be absurd thinking.

Blou, does your father at least cook for himself?? That's a lot of food to go through and cook it.

Sigh, I think I am wallowing in self pity too loridtabbykat....

Question; Would spending 600 of moms money of a portable A/C be wrong? I can't sit in the wading pool all day....
Took Mom and Dad today to get thier sweet ride titled in my name and state, as they don;t drive and we drive them in it. All went great. THEN.. mom can;t find her 2 credit cards. We tore the place apart.. maybe Dad "put them away"...LOL. So I had to call and have them replaced. They have some bills paid on the one, so now I get to look forward to calling all those places with the new CC numbers when the replacements arrive. This was "fun" enough when they first moved in... explaining I am POA, handing the phone to mom for permission.. you know the drill, and oh yes.. the lovely autodial and then HOLD !! Here goes my next day off...
Jeanette Mom needs that portable A/C so go ahead and buy it.

No wines today. Went to the clinic for a blood draw before hubby was awake and when I returned about 1/2 hour later he was scouring the neighbourhood for me.
Just found this thread so have no wines to match everyone else but I'll try and find some. Sympathy to all.
Well, I'd love to *not* have a whine today, but it's kind of a whine/victory.

After a whole year of back and forth, sending documents, getting them back with a request for more, sending again, the company losing them, sending AGAIN....finally got Dad's pension transferred over to Mom. It's not much, just about $100 a month - but because they haven't sent it for about 13 months while we were dealing with the paperwork, there was a lump sum payment that was sent to Mom. We used it to buy Mom a new mobility scooter. Dad had one, but it was old and was a 3-wheel scooter...not very stable and had tipped with Dad on it more than once when he hit uneven ground or turned too sharply - so we donated it to our local Commission on Aging (and told them to be careful who they gave it to!).

I pored over the websites, since we do not have a local company that carries the size/type of scooter Mom needs due to her weight. I think I spent over 2 weeks looking at different ones each night and trying to decide which one had all the criteria we needed - appropriate weight capacity, 4 wheels (not 3), comfy seat that was adjustable for more leg room if needed, adjustable tiller (like tilt wheel in a car), good ground clearance, etc. Finally decided on one, and ordered it. I was assured I would have a tracking number on it by Monday (this past Monday). Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday came and contact by the company. I call, and am told it's ready to be picked up by the transport company, and I should have a tracking number the next day (Thurs). Thursday comes & goes, no tracking number. I'm starting to think we just sent a year's worth of pension payments into oblivion and will never see that scooter, and I'm starting to panic. For some, this would not be a big investment, but it's HUGE to Mom and I. Finally, this afternoon, I called the company that makes the scooter to make sure they have the order and that it is indeed being shipped. They were unhappy with their dealer for not keeping in touch with me, and called them while I was on the phone. Immediately after I hung up, I got a call from the dealer with a tracking number, and the scooter should be here next week. :-)

Soo....Whine: Irritated about customer service and paperwork runaround for a year.
Victory: I won anyway - squeaky wheel gets the grease, at least in terms of the scooter company. Hee hee hee.

Can't wait to try out the new scooter and get Mom acclimated to it so she can get out more. Her mobility is getting worse and worse, and it's a vicious cycle - it hurts to move too much, so she won' her mobility only gets worse because she's not moving. With this at least, she will get outside and get some fresh air.
Congrats SusanA43 on a BIG accomplishment!! Let us know how mom likes her new wheels!

No whining for me today either. Like I previously predicted the oldest brother sent a text about dinner tonight. No...I can go to dinner with mom anytime I want, what I can't do it get 1.5 hours to myself without a lot of hoopla. His weird ass wife sat in the car and didn't come in the house (she's afraid of my rescue dog) really? someone mentioned about folks running on 3 cylinders...this one runs on oldest brother seemed perturbed that I wasn't not going with them...."No, I am not mad, No I am not being hateful" YES, I NEED some ME time.... I have 2 hours at the most since the restaurant is 3 minutes away. If I hurry I can take my dogs on a decent walk!! YAY! for the smallest of things :)))
My partner has brain mets and it is affected his walking but always wants to go somewhere and I find it increasingly stressful
JeanetteB -

Thanks! I'm so tickled to finally get the pension issue settled AND the new wheels for Mom on top of it. Next on the list is talking to a local attorney about a Lady Bird Deed for the house and a few other legal matters to keep the house out of the hands of the state when Mom passes. They've already sent letters about trying to take the house to pay for Dad's medical bills (he was on Medicaid when he passed, with over $300,000 in bills) - but they can't touch it because Mom still lives here.

One thing at a time...will be happy when it's all taken care of! I'll definitely sleep better and there will be fewer sticky notes on my desk...
Oh, and I hope you enjoyed your ME time, Jeanette!! Sure wish we could edit posts....
Susan, I can relate... my dad passed on March 1, 2013. His insurance kept trying to bill... I told them he'd passed, they suggested I keep paying for a few months in case something came up. Really? REALLY? Nothing can come up after it was all said and done. He wasn't the type to spend more than 2 hours in the emergency room. His eyes still haunt me... I was NEVER to let him die in a hospital. ....

I did I did I did!!!.... Me time is needed!! Glad my oldest brother understood this time that it had nothing to do with him or his elusive wife. Pfffttt.... 2 hours was a Godsend...but....I did feel bad for mom, she was so concerned that I wasn't there.... ahhhhhhhhhhhh...........

sticky notes? I have a full binder and it still doesn't help :D
Jeanette, I wish I could post a pic of my desk right now. LOL It's horrid. Here's what I see in front of me right now:

-1 air freshener that needs to be plugged in somewhere (bought and set on desk, and that's as far as it went)
-1 jar of Vicks Vapo-Rub that I just smeared on the outside of the front storm door in an attempt to keep the stray male cat from spraying it (ICK!) - also sat on desk and didn't put away yet
-MANY piles of various papers, magazines that came in the mail that I haven't read, estimate for tree removal from last week's storm that has to go to ins. company, paid bills to be filed away, notes notes NOTES all over the place...
-my cell phone, my life, my constant companion. LOL
-coffee cup - only wait...2...because I haven't taken them to the kitchen yet.
-crayons and coloring book I bought for grandson yesterday (no, I'm not losing my mind and taking to coloring)
-dustrag - for what? I can't see the dang desk to dust it!
-landline phone
-3 tv remotes
-wallet & keys
-meds (mine, not Mom's) + Aleve, allergy pills, and Vitamin B12 liquid
-freebies and samples that came in the mail this week but haven't been put away
-flea/tick treatment for dog & cat that I have yet to put on said dog & cat.
-mini first-aid kit that is supposed to be in my purse...but isn't.
-scented candle (not lit, or I'd have an inferno on my hands, with all this paper)
-canned air to clean keyboard
-computer monitor & printer/scanner/copier.

...and a partridge in a pear tree.

I'm such a neatnik...I despise clutter and disorder....but here I sit, wallowing in it. (sigh) I guess working 60+ hours a week plus taking care of the house and finances AND Mom....something's gotta give, and it's usually the neatness and order. At least on my desk, it seems.

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